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  • The threatening groups of men who still hovered about withdrew further and further.
  • The thermometer hovered at four degrees above zero and the air was dry and sparkling.
  • A few of the enemy hovered round them, occasionally killing a straggler who fell behind.
  • So he opened his eyes; and there hovered the face, in the gloom beyond the lamp.
  • Perhaps she loved big Mistitch, over whom hovered the shadow of swift and relentless doom.
  • Some moments thereafter he lay quiet, breathing fast and loud, while Greeba hovered about him.
  • When they encamped, it hovered above them over the tabernacle; when they marched, it went before them.
  • It was still the atmosphere of the dream that hovered about him as he decided at what big fruit-shop he should stop to order a box of nectarines.
  • I hovered about the lounge for a time buying postcards and feverishly restless, watching the movements of the other people.
  • The old woman shot him a keen glance as she hovered over the tiny flame that licked at the twigs of dry larchwood.
  • The rebels hovered strangely 'twixt lenity and cruelty, according to the humour of the moment.
  • To hold fast to that thought was to beat away a fear that hovered about her, like a horrible bird of prey.
  • Then there were voices, the voices of strange spirits that winged through the dusk of the outlands and hovered round his fire at night.
  • He walked on; a fresh coolness came to him out of the darkness, and over him a dull murmur hovered in the air.
  • The mother hovered round about us, and the little ones opened their beaks, yellow as far as their windpipes.
  • For a week they journeyed on, each day seeming lovelier than the last, and the dreaming repose of a great content hovered over all of them.
  • The waiters hovered about him like cherubim about the throne of grace, and he knew them all by name, and took an interest in their families.
  • The belated moon stole up from its lair, hovered above the sky-line, a gaudy orange sphere in the haze of smoke.
  • She threw her pretty head back on the grass, closing her eyes; a smile of radiant anticipation hovered about her lips.
  • The Jew looked at her with eyes in which for a moment there hovered a shade of something like pity that quickly turned to pleasure.
  • Beneath, with prodigious wings outspread, and eyes gleaming like points of fire, hovered a mysterious bat.
  • And then, high up and at a vantage point, while below them hovered their photographing planes, the two young aviators beheld a curious sight.
  • The clouds, which hung low over the other side of the river, were tinged with an unusual coloring, smoke-stained as they hovered over the chimneys.
  • Then the silence caught the tremor, and quivered, and a thrill of sound hovered and spread its wings, and sailed forth from the night.
  • But the others did not stay, for though the shadow of death hovered over the Escadrille, the business of war went on.
  • Legions of large and burnished insects, veritable living jewels, might be seen everywhere, and flaunting butterflies hovered about the car.
  • Reddy hovered near, listening, and Frank wondered why that wistful look had come into the eyes of the young cowboy.
  • But, with her joy, the thought of Tante hovered like a heavy darkness above her eyes, keeping them closed.
  • Later the Archbishop rested in his chair, his chin on his breast, seeming to sleep, while priests prowled and hovered round him.
  • He knew that his own peace of mind could never be restored so long as the shadow of Stanley Fyles hovered over the village.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hovered | Hovered Sentence

  • Victory hovered over the National army.
  • Many servants hovered about the door, but none dared enter.
  • Just for one second he hovered on the brink of quick defeat.
  • Over the vessel a great grey vulture hovered with slowly flapping wings.
  • The surviving horses hovered near, turning about in a small circle.
  • Molly, sensing trouble, hovered restlessly just out of earshot.
  • I hovered in the street, in the twilight, trying to make myself stay.
  • Which did not slumber like a stone But hovered gleaming and was gone.
  • Somehow the old woman's words had grown into a shadow which hovered over her.
  • Just for one brief instant a bitter imprecation hovered on the officer's lips.

Definition of Hovered

simple past tense and past participle of hover
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