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  • They noticed something floating in the water with a swarm of flies hovering over it.
  • These kinds of gnats are usually seen early in spring hovering in swarms in mid air.
  • I dipped the pen in the inkstand several times, and held it hovering over the sheet.
  • For us they are marvelous celestial birds hovering in the ether, upheld by invisible wings.
  • His presentiments were too well founded; disaster was hovering over the house of Sechard.
  • The Bradys had arrived from the corner trolley, and were hovering about the door self-assertively.
  • Marion was hovering close over the stove when the door opened and Cousin Abijah entered.
  • This occurred December 2, 1863, with the thermometer hovering close to the freezing point.
  • Old Daddy Dunnigan was the first to see her hovering uncertainly upon the edge of the crowd.
  • She was going with Raymond Bonner who, now, was hovering about her more zealously than ever.
  • His eyes, after hovering hawklike, settled, in a grey, level, impersonal glance, on me.
  • For half an hour the three, with Li Chung hovering in the background, worked over the girl.
  • The distinctive trait of his dramatic conceptions seems to be an imagination hovering between sensuous images and mystic dreams.
  • Legions of these delicate minute flies fill the air at twilight, hovering over wheat fields and shrubbery.
  • Patricia, with her disquiet mood still hovering about her, came over to the table to watch him begin operations.
  • He watched me with the greatest solicitude when we halted, procured me every comfort, and was always hovering about my presence.
  • Altogether, we spent five consecutive days hovering around that collection of law-enforcers, in imminent risk of capture.
  • A German aeroplane has been hovering over our positions looking for my gun, so we have stopped firing and all movement.
  • Edgar was in a burning fever next day nevertheless, and for nearly two weeks lay in bed hovering betwixt death and life.
  • I saw that boy pass by my window not more than half an hour ago, full of animation, and now he lies hovering between life and death.
  • It was a man whom Winn had frequently seen hovering about his quarters in attendance upon their maid-of-all-work.
  • Sometimes the bird would be far below me, sometimes near at hand; and very frequently the singer would be hovering a hundred feet above the summit.
  • Charles of Anjou was a grim and ruthless tyrant, whose conceptions of mercy and justice were those of a hawk hovering above a hen-coop.
  • Not all night of course, but hovering about there now and then, and for two weeks after he had talked with Sam, nightly.
  • Ken Torrance, oppressively alone in the hovering torpoon, gazed through its vision-plate of fused quartz around him.
  • He was relieved presently to observe Hentzi hovering on the outskirts of the room directing the servants, a sort of super-major-domo.
  • It so happened that her most devoted admirer was none other than Cadet Saunders, who was continually hovering about her.
  • Is hovering 'mid shadows, till baby ere long Lies slumbering, and hushed is the lullaby song.
  • The quality of the light, however was poor, and there was always a cloud of smoke as well as of dust hovering about Roman processions and triumphs.
  • I saw it on her lean paw when I was last in Beorminster, and she came hovering round to tell my fortune.
  • There may be a certain solace in the definite and continuous knowledge available about a person hovering on the brink of typhoid under your own roof tree.
  • As yet they had respected the possessions of the prince; but the idea of such dangerous spirits hovering about the neighbourhood was sufficient to occasion alarm.
  • Upon the sand-hills a curious and frequent sight is that of the hovering of the kestrel over its intended prey, which here consists very generally of young rabbits.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hovering | Hovering Sentence

  • I fancied it hovering over me.
  • The man was always hovering about her.
  • No angel wings hovering about him.
  • I felt her hovering near me ...
  • It was like having an unseen enemy hovering about one in the night.
  • There is the curse of an incensed God hovering over all their magnificence.
  • We shall find her still upon her sick-bed, hovering between life and death.

Definition of Hovering

present participle of hover | The act of one who hovers.
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