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How To Use Hovers In A Sentence?

  • In the flaming aurora borealis the spirit of space hovers over the frozen waters.
  • Ever and anon it darts for a moment, hovers over the stream, and then returns to its perch.
  • The storm cloud blackens, hovers lower, then bursts with all its fury through the continent.
  • Loneliness reigns around the spot, but above it, in the air, hovers the imperial eagle.
  • The Point is thronged with joyous visitors, and yet over all there hovers a shadow.
  • Fear hovers round the head of prosperous men; For still unsteady are the scales of fate.
  • When calm is in the air, The Iris half in tracelessness Hovers faintly fair.
  • And over everything hangs that inscrutable charm which hovers for ever for the human intellect over the incomprehensible and shadowy.
  • And the mother spirit hovers over Orchard House, where "Little Women" was written and lived.
  • I think most lovers love an ideal that hovers in the air a little above the real recipient of their love.
  • In addition, hovers are required in this house under which a temperature can be maintained from 80 to 90 degrees.
  • She had captivated the gallant chief magistrate, who hovered about her as a raven hovers over a dead carcass.
  • Her mind hovered about her secret as a bird hovers over a great void; she was irresistibly drawn to the fatal plunge.
  • Above this disorder, this medley and hurry, between these scratched walls, hovers the inspiration of art.
  • A shaft of light darts from the spot-light machine in the gallery, and hovers over the stage like a searchlight at sea.
  • From left to right, and from right to left, the umpire hovers about, watching for the victory to declare itself.
  • She hovers above the level of the water, luminous in the sunlight as though she were transparent, with red flames about her head and neck.
  • If a large bird of prey hovers about a rookery for the purpose of carrying away the young ones, they all unite to drive him away.
  • No, it is my heart that hovers o'er them, like a mystic male, tortured by love.
  • The sound of this cow-bell remained with me for a long time, and even now the blood in my old heart stirs when this sound hovers in the air.
  • The hovers are placed at the back of the pens when the alley-way is in the front, otherwise, they are placed next to the alley-way.
  • Rinaldo hovers behind the scenes of a plot we do not know, but which must be as full of incident as a melodrama by Pixerecourt.
  • If you throw a stone up in the air it will presently fall back again with a sharp thud; a bird rising, hovers a moment and descends gently.
  • No faith of partnership dominion owns: Still discord hovers o'er divided thrones.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hovers | Hovers Sentence

  • Stone-cold poverty hovers about.
  • A vision of the ideal hovers just beyond the real.
  • It hovers in the air over marshy and fenny places.
  • It is Miriam Stanley who hovers at the bedside.
  • Straight over Jacob a raven exultingly Hovers and caws.
  • I know just how the chicken feels when the hawk hovers over it.
  • An instant gleam as of recognition hovers in the glazing eyes.
  • Calumny hovers over her head, and slander follows her footsteps!
  • Here and there a barber hovers in his doorway, chatting with a neighbour.
  • An ardent nimbus hovers o'er yon horizons far.
  • He paused, hovering above her upturned face as hovers the hawk above the dove.
  • The wasp hovers close over the ground, prowling from one hole to another.
  • Death, heaven, eternity, damnation, hovers in the sound of thy voice!
  • Yes, I see his ghost; it hovers everywhere, it whistles in the air.
  • A region of Doubt, therefore, hovers for ever in the back-ground....
  • Over the broken waters there hovers the golden glory of God's eternal peace.

Definition of Hovers

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of hover
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