How Could In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For How Could | How Could Sentence

  • How could that be so?
  • How could it be there?
  • As how could they not be?
  • How could she do that?
  • But how could that be?
  • But how could it be?
  • Now how could that be?
  • How could it have been?
  • How could it do more?
  • How could they do it?
  • How could we do that?
  • And how could this be?
  • How could you do that?
  • Yet how could he do that?
  • But then how could he do this?
  • But how could he know?
  • How could he bear it?
  • How could she help it?
  • How could he have the heart?
  • How could you improve on it?
  • How could she do better?
  • How could she not hate him?
  • How could it be done?
  • But how could she tell her now?
  • And how could it be otherwise?
  • How could she know him?
  • But how could she get it?
  • How could it have happened?
  • How could she afford it?
  • How could you distinguish between them?
  • How could he but fail?
  • How could it be otherwise?
  • But how could he build it by himself?
  • And how could there be a referendum?
  • How could they replace them?

How To Use How Could In A Sentence?

  • Yet how could he stay?
  • How could you have come here?
  • How could we remain here?
  • How could you be so careless?
  • But how could it be a trouble to me to have you with me?
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