Hues In A Sentence

Definition of Hues

plural of hue

How To Use Hues In A Sentence?

  • Objects must necessarily present themselves to us, in different hues and colors.
  • Many of the flowers, too, are iridescent, or change their hues from hour to hour.
  • The trees, though now rich in foliage, were still varied with the fresh hues of spring.
  • Mrs. Tempest might relieve her costume with what bright or delicate hues she liked.
  • Eastward, miles and miles away, a line of low rolling hills framed the dull hues of the picture.
  • These were the pictures Calderon loved to paint In golden hues that here perchance have fled.
  • Henceforth I wear no stripe but thine; Ashes and jet all hues outshine.
  • But the most brilliant hues are seen in trees of smaller size, that grow in New England woods.
  • How horrible the fields would look if they wore such hues in reality as are accepted on canvas at the galleries!
  • A velvet twilight was gathering over all, and the sky above was melting to the softer hues of evening.
  • The best that can be said of this dreary district is, that at intervals it is relieved by the cheerful hues of cultivation.
  • Their garments were of the most brilliant colours imaginable, but if one approached them too closely these gaudy hues disappeared.
  • And all this gorgeousness of coloring was reflected in the lake, whose waters seemed dyed with all the prismatic hues of the rainbow.
  • These were snow-covered, and beneath the light of the setting sun gave out wonderful hues and lights of rose and blue and pearl.
  • Turquoise and pearl, emerald and jacinth, the gleams caught from the hidden sun above reflect the hues of every gem.
  • To the newcomer they all seem of the same color, for the fogs and winds soon reduce all hues to a fine, restful gray.
  • The great trees were girt round about with mosses or wreaths of ivy that betokened their age, and their foliage was bright with the hues of autumn.
  • Broken by the circles, the squares, the minute interstices of the mashrubiyeh, she saw the city taking on the hues of sunset.
  • A serpent trailing its length on the ground, and showing bright, shifting, glorious hues as it grovelled.
  • The great truncated cone caught the hues of the sunset, and we could note the gloom gathering deeper and deeper in the hollow of the crater.
  • These remarks will apply equally to hues of colour, shades, and tints, and to shades and tints of hues.
  • The shifting hues upon his neck, and the brilliant scarlet and black around his head, strike every beholder with admiration.
  • On their sides and tops, the reflected light painted all the hues of the rainbow, in commingled azure and crimson, purple and gold.
  • The bright purple and golden yellow hues change to brilliant silver, varying back again into the original colours, purple and gold.
  • The colors that sprang from it changed rapidly from gold to purple, and then, through shimmering hues of bronze, to a deep rich orange.
  • Between them bright colors danced, reflections of hues from the old stained glass above; they shone like red roses fallen from her lap at his feet.
  • The smoke of three hundred factories, large and small, tinge her atmosphere with the hues of Pittsburg.
  • Turning them in the light, one sees under the sheen of silky hairs the varied and evanescent hues that glow in a Hungarian opal.
  • He glanced around; splashes of color met the eye; hues that shifted, mingled; came swiftly and went.
  • She turned pale; all the peach-bloom hues faded from her lovely face, her great eyes seemed to lessen and grow dull and her cheeks to fall in.
  • Foliage, excepting in the deep woods, was changing fast, the hues largely copper and russet; hard body-tints, yet beautiful.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hues | Hues Sentence

  • Do these tender hues betray?
  • To what is the different hues in animals owing?
  • There is a great diversity of hues in garments.
  • Flash the bright hues of garments gay.
  • The varying and multiform hues were clearly exhibited by the expiring fish.
  • It must have all the colors and hues of earth, and sea, and heaven.
  • The myriad hues that lie between Darkness and darkness! . . .
  • Can imagination boast, Amid its gay creation, hues like hers?
  • Pale hues that mingling lie-- Ashes of roses.

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