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  • And hug him into snares.
  • Do not hug your prejudices too tightly.
  • He gave her a hug and a kiss.
  • I could laugh and hug them all!
  • Think of a big grizzly trying to hug you!
  • But the only answer he got was a hug and a kiss.
  • What a secret to hug within her breast!
  • He gave her his usual vigorous hug and kiss.
  • Nathalie sat up in bed and began to hug her knees.
  • Mary made the fatal error of trying to hug him.
  • A bear might hug him, or a serpent hiss!
  • Still must I hug this serpent to my heart!
  • He could not hug the protecting Pendletons to him forever.
  • And I tried to hug him, but only hugged myself.
  • No place to seek cover, only to hug Mother Earth.
  • I used to hate them; I would even hug Dan.
  • It behooves a socially-inclined duck to hug the company of his fellows.
  • In fact, there was nothing which he could love and hug enough.
  • I pulled her into a long, hard hug and fumbled for better reassurance.
  • You should have seen the sneering countenance of Hug all the while.
  • I wanted to hug the little thing, but her dignity forbade any such exhibition.
  • Here the Squire gave his daughter a hug which might mean anything.
  • And at night in barn or stable, Hug our doxies on the hay.
  • If we blindly hug earth's treasures, where shall we a shelter find?

How To Use Hug In A Sentence?

  • And with a parting hug he set the youngster down at his doorstep and started him on his way.
  • They hug each other tight and slip erlong, while we shuffle our feet and swing.
  • And you hug your fire and pass the day With a thought of the springtime, dearie.
  • Having a wholesome respect for the Pacific tides, he meant to hug the coast of Hanover Island.
  • I hug myself with delight at her confusion; the irresolute perplexity in her eyes positively fascinates me.
  • He does hug himself, and whether he does it consciously or unconsciously depends on his aptitude for clear self-criticism.
  • As he went down he blew two short blasts on his whistle, which was the signal to hug the earth once more.
  • Women burst into tears and hug their children to their breasts, filled with a joy and thankfulness that can find no expression in words.
  • The pleasure was to be out of the wind, and to keep it in memory all the time, and hug oneself upon the shelter.
  • The veteran rushed upon him, and, not content to shake his hand he proceeded to hug him in the most extraordinary manner.
  • Ben began to hug the pretty dog more and more tenderly to his bosom, as if it was that which needed comforting, and not the poor girl before him.
  • And you expect me perhaps after this to kiss your feet in a transport of gratitude while I hug the pride of your words to my breast.
  • Lucy did not see him at first, being so busy with the rest; but as soon as she did see him, she gave him such a hug as nearly pulled him over.
  • With winter approaching, it was more than likely that the Comanches would either hug the warm plains or return toward them.
  • Lance, safe at a perch of a few thousand feet, grinned as his narrowed eyes beheld the sticky curtain of death-crammed gas hug over the enemy base.
  • Mr. Russell received a fervent kiss and hug on departing, and Betty came back to her own circle again.

Definition of Hug

(intransitive, obsolete) To crouch; huddle as with cold. | (intransitive) To cling closely together. | (transitive) To embrace by holding closely, especially in the arms.
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