Human Race In A Sentence

How To Use Human Race In A Sentence?

  • By his efforts, the human race had been saved.
  • Think of the disaster thus entailed upon the human race!
  • On the other hand, society is the human race.
  • The human race passed through a pre-commercial age.
  • Its sway extends over nearly one-fourth of the human race.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Human Race | Human Race Sentence

  • So it is with the human race.
  • The human race was imprisoned.
  • Ours is the ingenious human race.
  • Philosophy is the interpreter of the human race.
  • I shall once and for all give up the human race.
  • I appeal to the whole human race!
  • The lips of the human race had been sealed.
  • For ages the human race was imprisoned.
  • The human race had to be the master race.
  • Their history is like that of the human race.
  • Therefore is revelation as old as the human race.
  • Art thou born of human race?
  • That is the primitive condition of the human race.
  • Yet they are always the majority of the human race.
  • This gives you a start over the human race.
  • Then the human race would be destroyed.
  • The foe of all the human race lies here.
  • Anarchy is the natural state of the human race.
  • The same fact is true of the human race.
  • There is a peculiar thing about the human race.
  • The human race is under constant drill.
  • Matrimony is the natural condition of the human race.
  • And then, what will become of the human race?
  • To assemble the states-general of the human race.
  • It dates from the second generation of the human race.
  • The human race will be a good partner to these races.
  • For in doing so, we will serve the human race.
  • The human race is not older than about 6000 years.
  • It is a powerful element in the life of the human race.
  • A week of it would extinguish the human race.
  • It proves that the human race is damnably selfish!
  • He imagined that the church had corrupted the human race.
  • God has blessed my writings to millions of the human race!
  • I look beyond the duration of the human race.
  • Whose arms of love would grasp the human race.
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