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  • That question is settled more humanely now.

How To Use Humanely In A Sentence?

  • We waited, looking at the view, humanely patient as became two highly civilized persons.
  • He acted humanely towards poor people, but was the conscientious servant of the government in protecting the revenue in essential matters.
  • The ancients, indeed, to secure what might be humanely termed a perpetuity to their laws and edicts, had them graven on brass.
  • If a prisoner conducts himself properly, Captain Bradbury will treat him as humanely as he can under the circumstances.
  • When the limitations imposed by the war on freedom of migration have been removed, the possibility of dealing more wisely and more humanely with incoming family groups must be considered.
  • A fisherman never calls a trout his own until he has the prize in his hands; even though he may humanely throw the speckled beauty back into the water again.
  • He died July 13, 1621, after ruling his provinces humanely and generously, although unable to stem the current toward Dutch independence.
  • Why I did not believe what all around me thought was true, is more than I can explain, unless Providence humanely sustained me by hope.

Definition of Humanely

in a humane way
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