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  • But humanity is prone to error.
  • The more critical reduced her humanity to the factor one.
  • Upon my garments the tears of humanity gather fast.
  • From such a work the unity of Humanity might be revealed.
  • It was not Wilson who failed there, but humanity itself.
  • It was Humanity in flood; Life at full tide.
  • She seemed a haven of humanity after the conventions of the drawing-room.
  • We of all people had no distinction from that humanity whose lot is to forget.
  • It was humanity with all barriers down, all contacts clean and clear.
  • I beg you for the love of humanity to make lint and bandages for the wounded.
  • To render humanity fit to be insulted, it was fit that it should be degraded.
  • You do not love humanity, if you seek to divide humanity into jealous camps.
  • But they have not been able to congeal humanity by act of Parliament.

How To Use Humanity In A Sentence?

  • We shall not insult the humanity of the reader by the details of this fearful carnage.
  • In the broad humanity that was the great distinction of their people persecution had no part.
  • That must be indeed a wonderful landscape which humanity does not make more impressive.
  • He does not enter into humanity, and therefore cannot render to humanity the highest services.
  • In India it is policy as well as humanity to take every possible care of the British soldier.
  • Half humanity subjected to the slavery of the hearth would still have to rebel against the other half.
  • But when we reached the wicket we seemed to be as far removed from humanity as dwellers in a lonely isle.
  • The book is full of common-sense suggestions and is admirably adapted to the needs of humanity in general.
  • There rested, by God to humanity brought, The Ark of eternal, immutable Thought!
  • I expatiated on the small proportion of the available ability that is really serving humanity to-day.
  • Evidently to the scientific mind love in its various manifestations was merely a form of mal-ease to which humanity is subject.
  • He takes me with sympathy not only by reason of the dream he pursued and the humanity of his politics, but by the mixture of his nature.
  • Yet, so inconsistent is poor humanity that self-exculpation warred with self-condemnation in the same brain!
  • He seemed to regard humanity as if it were a vast picture puzzle which it was his privilege to take apart and put together again for his amusement.
  • The miserable bundle of humanity partly uncoiled itself, and made an effort to rise, but sunk back again.
  • He is above mortal vicissitudes; behind his demoniac eye dwells a critique of humanity which he would not be bothered to utter if he could.
  • Within those limits, humanity might do as it pleased; without them, it was negligible, and not to be considered.
  • Has the history of humanity furnished a single case in which a person, perfectly deaf during all his life, had the ability to speak words?
  • Her mental attitude toward humanity was childish: as, when the parent strikes, the child blindly strikes back.
  • American humanity hates us, scorns us, disowns and denies, in a thousand ways, our very personality.
  • Ejected, excommunicated as it were, loaded with malediction, they are regarded as the outcasts of society, yea almost, of humanity itself.
  • By this humanity the larger portion of not fewer than thirty thousand men, to whose sufferings death would soon have put an end, were saved.
  • He was ordained a bishop at York, and lived a most austere life, though his humanity was very apparent in his love for animals.
  • In this way the myriad sounds that arise from humanity and from nature can be caught up in the soul of the speaker and subsequently voiced by him to others.
  • I turned away from humanity and sought that fearful desert of individual loneliness and isolation which is now more sad and real to me than any outward object can be.
  • The Alcott letters and journals show tremendous intellectual activity on the part of the small atoms of humanity who came to grace the Alcott home.
  • If humanity at large is capable of that high education and those creative freedoms our hope demands, much more must its better and more vigorous types be so capable.

Definition of Humanity

Mankind; human beings as a group. | The human condition or nature. | The quality of being benevolent; humane traits of character; humane qualities or aspects.
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