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  • Normally we humans are immune to them.
  • Normally we humans are immune to them.
  • When the humans are shut out!
  • Humans are only feebler than the beasts, not less malicious.
  • In the fundamentals of feeling poor humans are very much alike.
  • We humans are incurably rooted in the temporal point of view.
  • There is only one life most of us doubting humans are absolutely sure of.
  • He is on the land, I know he is, and the wicked humans are ill-treating him."

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  • Have I made them sound heartless, without the finer feelings of which we humans are so proud?
  • Fairly solid bones of animals, and occasionally of humans, are found in the bottoms of the lodge sites, even where these are damp most of the year.
  • Take it all in all, we humans are the most mixed thing that any one has ever yet invented: the reason why some scorn all other hobbies or amusements, so long as there is Man.
  • I was sitting in a seat opposite about a score of village school children, and suddenly I was struck by their appearance, and the thought passed through my mind, "How like humans are to dogs!
  • Now, except by flying, no one can reach the island in the Serpentine, for the boats of humans are forbidden to land there, and there are stakes round it, standing up in the water, on each of which a bird-sentinel sits by day and night.
  • Almost all the other cars were empty except that one, but, whether because humans are like sheep and herd together instinctively when afraid, or because the train crew ordered it, all six compartments of the middle first-class car were now occupied, with Mabel Ticknor alone in the front one.
  • We humans are not in a position to discover how animals come by their knowledge, we can only conclude that Nature has equipped them with more delicate "chords," so to speak, and that upon these highly strung chords she can sound a warning of her impending changes, since these, our humbler brethren, stand in more imminent need thereof.
  • If we humans are to get on at all, get any further away from having tails and living in trees, we've got to knock down the partitions and make one big room of the world, the same way each nation is one big room, with the blacksmith trading his horseshoes for clothes and not trying to be a tailor himself.
  • "You didn't know that seals, next to humans, are the smartest animals, in the world."
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