Humble In A Sentence

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  • I just feel humble and chastened.
  • You must eat humble pie.
  • O wealthy despoilers of humble innocence!
  • If not, to eat humble pie.
  • But how had the Canoness come under this humble roof?
  • Sir, your humble Servant!
  • The youth looks humble and manly: I choose him.
  • It was these humble observers that brought the knowledge to me.
  • Warner's man was a farmer in a cheap and humble way.
  • And his other humble friends, too, whom he had vowed never to forsake!
  • And the humble Psyekoff was not without some slight share in the matter.
  • Which may in time advance my humble state To greater wealth and reputation.
  • Too well, my humble prattle never can Have power to entertain so wise a man.
  • He would show the world that he could humble Norman Wentworth.

How To Use Humble In A Sentence?

  • Brant was of a singularly ambitious disposition and had no humble idea of his own capacities.
  • Her ownership ranged from absolute despotism to humble slavery, and he was happy through it all.
  • These be indeed humble folk, but with nature and summer walks they make me at home.
  • The latter are very humble and compliant to whatever his Lordship should order.
  • He looked rather like a big, humble puppy that is about to be shut out of the house at night.
  • Mr. Byrne, very pale and weak, stepped into the boat which carried the body of his humble friend.
  • I question whether he will have very many humble Servants left, when his Uncle dies.
  • I owe the happiest part of my life to the time Frau Luise spent beneath this humble roof.
  • Thus the little moments, Humble though they be, Make the mighty ages Of eternity.
  • Now, in this contest of arms, it is our humble opinion that each party gets the better of the other.
  • He may have degenerated from perfection, or from a humble kind of harmless simplicity, into savagery.
  • Virtue ennobles blood, and a virtuous person of humble birth is more estimable than a vicious person of rank.
  • Others, again, were the humble disciples of Kant and Schlegel, of Herbert Spencer and Darwin.
  • It is reported of one prince, that his head had the air of leaning downwards, in order not to humble the crowd.
  • To work to make things better, even in a humble sphere, was better than to fret over the badness of the world.
  • It is hard for men full of courage and fleshly power to understand how the Lord works with such humble instruments.
  • Hence, in our humble opinion, the praise which has been lavished on the logic of Spinoza is not deserved.
  • I could ask Mary's pardon for it on my knees, and humble myself in the dust before her.
  • A lovely girl in mourning is sitting in deep thought waiting for her scholars; on the table is her humble fare, and of that she takes little heed.
  • In fact every aviator of the Allied nations, no matter how humble his rank, is treated by his superiors almost as an equal.
  • I grovel now on earth, 'tis true, But, raised by her, the humble slave may rise.
  • Of all the town she knew nothing but the streets which led to a neighbouring church frequented only by the poorer classes and the humble quarter around, where she did her marketing.
  • The more humble have so much less lavish a standard that half a crown will meet their liabilities, or else a sum left to the generosity of the giver.
  • Give me the beer, Landlord; I'll drink his health in humble malt, then hasten to visit him.
  • The school loathed these humble supporters, and occasionally fastidious juniors would go the length of throwing chunks of mud at them through the railings.
  • Not that dialectic is a respecter of names or persons, or a despiser of humble occupations; nor does she think much of the greater or less benefits conferred by them.

Definition of Humble

Not pretentious or magnificent; unpretending; unassuming. | Having a low opinion of oneself; not proud, arrogant, or assuming; modest. | (transitive) Alternative form of hummel.
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