Humiliations In A Sentence

Definition of Humiliations

plural of humiliation

How To Use Humiliations In A Sentence?

  • It is only the latest in the long series of humiliations we have had to put up with.
  • The most galling of all his new humiliations was that he was never allowed to be alone.
  • It were superfluous to set down in detail all the humiliations endured by Maitland.
  • No matter; I was released from the thraldom of the convent and the humiliations of home!
  • Remembrance of the previous day's humiliations troubled me surprisingly little.
  • I have had a wilderness of governesses, but not one would or could submit to the humiliations which they were loaded with.
  • It enumerates the humiliations to which they shall remain subject, and the burthens to which they shall continue to be unjustly exposed.
  • Had that army been what he supposed, his plans might have succeeded and the humiliations and defeats of the spring campaign averted.
  • It was disconcerting to have his private humiliations referred to so frankly, as though they were fitting subjects for casual conversation.
  • Out of their present sufferings and their future humiliations will spring up the benefits of German civilisation.
  • The speaker who has learned to sneer at "book learning" is foredoomed to failure and will spare himself many humiliations by retiring at once.
  • These two years of petty humiliations had exasperated Eaton's bold and fiery temper.
  • The time seemed to have arrived for the house of Bourbon to take a full revenge for all its humiliations and losses in previous wars.
  • The humiliations you can inflict upon me are infinite, and I have no rights, no weapons, against you.
  • The cares, trials, humiliations of a young physician, his months and years of uncompensated drudgery, passed in awful review before me.
  • But Livy knew; and so the humiliations fell to her share, poor child, who had not earned them and did not deserve them.
  • Any thought of the fresh efforts which would be necessary for the reconquering of his position was no less sickening to him than that of the immediate discomforts and humiliations to be undergone.
  • Husbands suspect their wives of trying to poison their beer; friends suspect friends of planning the most extraordinary series of losses and humiliations for them.
  • In the Bishop's humiliations for his concessions to truth, were illustrated what Paine had said of his system's falsity and fraudulence.
  • A Chinese surrounded by his kinsmen was shielded against humiliations inflicted upon him by outsiders and against the menace of his own potential follies.
  • If it had not been for the unexpected return of the captain a day earlier than planned, Cameron might have had to suffer humiliations far greater than he did.
  • But for the humiliations of Reconstruction, some of these men might have been discredited, but the bitter experiences of those years had restored them to popular favor.
  • You are compelled to seek safety in flight, to conceal yourself for the present, to avoid a train of unmerited humiliations that even the consciousness of innocence would not enable you to bear.
  • And if I am honest with myself, neither the pains and sufferings that threatened me, not the humiliations that impended, were the thing that frightened me.
  • Too long our enemy had wronged us; we would wreak a tardy but fearful vengeance for our still unavenged disgrace, for grievous humiliations daily inflicted on us.
  • That brutal voice had carried her back to her wretched childhood; everything about her in the present was unreal in comparison with the terrors, the hardships, the humiliations revived by memory.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Humiliations | Humiliations Sentence

  • Here he hid himself and his humiliations from the world.
  • It would be a series of humiliations to us both.
  • Consider the humiliations to which I shall be subjected.
  • I did suffer during a year or two from the deep humiliations of that episode.
  • But the humiliations must have been successful, handed down in cash.

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