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  • His humility has ever been his praise.
  • In token of humility and peace.
  • His temporary humility was gone.
  • The humility of love was not yet hers.
  • His humility was his crowning virtue.
  • Indeed it is often a sweet humility of soul.
  • A strange feeling of humility took possession of him.
  • It may be recalled that humility was one of her dislikes.
  • The humility of these Hospitallers was extreme.
  • In all humility of spirit I set it down.
  • There was a great innocence and humility in Charlotte.
  • This attitude of humility is in accord with Eskimo ethics.
  • But with humility and awe Still walks before his God.
  • Yet was there something ironical in the very humility of some?
  • Even in her humility she could not but feel that this was unjust.
  • It was really curious to see the mixture of humility and pride.
  • Blassemare looked very humble, and she took his humility in good faith.
  • It had hardly seemed possible that their customary humility could go lower.
  • The genuine humility of the hard old man touched his tempestuous little heart.
  • But Michael should pay for his request, in humility at least.
  • For there was but little humility or resignation about Emily Bronte.

How To Use Humility In A Sentence?

  • He was absurdly shaky, but his head was clear, and in his heart humility that was new and sweet.
  • And when she spoke there was nothing of the Kate he had always known in the humility of her tone.
  • The feeling of these Indians toward their God is one of humility and reverence.
  • Sergeant Corney asked, with a degree of humility such as I had never before seen him exhibit.
  • He is a man of genius in the black humility with which he confesses strength and weakness through the figures of men and women.
  • In humility he had turned his back upon the emoluments of scholarship to labor among savages in the remote wilderness.
  • Lost through reckless presumption, might not earnest humility recover that mysterious lurking-place?
  • His mask of humility and deference had been torn off, and he was better known to the bishop than was at all agreeable to his cunning nature.
  • Asking with tones of tender humility in his voice, while his eyes she knew could emanate subduing magnetic beams.
  • She saw, too, with a very delicate pleasure, that he carried himself in his grave humility untouched and unconscious.
  • Mr. Hicks received these criticisms in a humility that was pathetic when compared with his former arrogance.
  • They were good women, severe to themselves and charitable to others, who cultivated the grace of humility almost in excess.
  • Indeed, his humility was scientific; he made his deductions from the granular nature of all change, moral and material.
  • This confession was made with such deprecating humility that Terence was touched, and held out his hand.
  • The higher he rose, the lower she sank, weighed down by the bitter humility that always comes with fervent love.
  • In an instant Greeba's little burst of disdain was spent, and she was all humility and entreaty.
  • I hear thou governest with all discretion; and that, nevertheless, thou retainest the humility of the meanest creature.
  • With humility comes grace; and after grace, temptation; and in temptation we must quickly enter prayer again.
  • Joseph, still touching the note of humility in his talk, eyed his relatives alternately, and exhibited reluctance to quit them.

Definition of Humility

The characteristic of being humble; humbleness in character and behavior.
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