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  • A very humorous story.
  • About had a humorous turn of mind.
  • Many humorous situations result.
  • Such a lack of humorous perception was disgusting.
  • Willersley twisted his face to its humorous expression.
  • She indicated the wagon with a humorous look of dismay.
  • But Raymond was great in humorous portrayal only.
  • Very humorous woman, my Aunt.
  • But when her humorous ladyship is by To teach thee safety!
  • Turning now to humorous pictures, Jan Steen affords two.
  • It was always intensely humorous to observe the discomfiture of others.
  • And her anger was in turn succeeded by a humorous appreciation of her plight.
  • The cowboy nodded gravely and squinched his humorous eyes at the fire.
  • Pinkey looked at him with his pale, humorous eyes and beamed approvingly.
  • The humorous aspect of the affair struck him, and he laughed outright.
  • She held up the note, and regarded it with a grimly humorous smile.

How To Use Humorous In A Sentence?

  • He had a store of a dozen or so humorous episodes with which he could regale listeners.
  • She was thinking pleasantly, with a half humorous vein running through her thought.
  • The one who defended the lady was a jolly-looking man with a merry eye and a humorous mouth.
  • Cultivate the habit of seeing the odd, the whimsical, the humorous side of things.
  • He wished to discuss the current question in America under the guise of humorous Yankee attack.
  • He was the first human being to whom I ever told a humorous story, so far as I can remember.
  • This humorous Grammatical Tragi-Comedy was not written by Hume, but only revised by him.
  • The humorous dandy of the play was greeted with shouts of joy by the chorus and equal enthusiasm by the audience.
  • But always the dominating note of humorous thoughtfulness would return, as if this were her chief characteristic.
  • He was a delightful travelling companion, and regaled me with tales illustrative of the humorous side of his business.
  • There is a sly twinkle in his eye, denoting some story of a scandalous but infinitely humorous nature.
  • Sometimes in telling a humorous anecdote to an audience a speaker secures the greatest effect by maintaining an expression of extreme gravity.
  • Her sense of defeat was humorous rather than resentful; yet she realized that it contained a disagreeable sting.
  • His overwhelming apparel accentuated his peculiarities, his humorous gestures, his silent self-consciousness.
  • The daughters were all alert to suppress the possible plungings, the undesirable humorous impulses of this almost feral guest.
  • It is not surprising that this humorous police commander expressed his indignation in the forceful Swabian manner.
  • She gave vent to a shrill peal of hideous laughter, as though there were something humorous in that grim and terrible tragedy.
  • He draws his types cleverly and states the case of each one fairly, but with a humorous restraint and from a standpoint of absolute detachment.
  • And the old gentleman wagged his head in a blandly humorous manner, and made a little golden music with his bunch of seals.
  • Anglo-Irish humorous literature was a comparatively late product, but its efflorescence was rapid and triumphant.
  • Brook also laughed at Lloyd's humorous view of the way that his original mission had changed.
  • O'Brien's maliciously humorous eyes watched her expression of smiling self-satisfaction, and estimated it at its true worth.
  • One humorous episode which happened during Brant's stay in London caused quite a sensation.
  • Apart from their function of fertility they gave a humorous twist to life, stimulated worthy men to toil, and wasted the hours of Princes.

Definition of Humorous

Full of humor or arousing laughter; funny. | Showing humor; witty, jocular. | (obsolete) Damp or watery.
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