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  • I know where she and that hunchbacked kid were living two days ago.
  • By order of the German authorities," said the reader, a small hunchbacked man.

How To Use Hunchbacked In A Sentence?

  • This was not the time to turn aside in a chase for even so desperate a criminal as the hunchbacked greaser.
  • Was he to go on like this, growing hunchbacked under a burden that weighed and bowed him down continually?
  • At the other end of their extent they multiplied into a huddle of hunchbacked trees, a wood spreading toward a projecting part of the high coast.
  • Then on the same platform, but behind it, and a few yards beyond the station, there is a curious little hunchbacked engine and an open car.
  • She had a deadly pale baby; also there was a pale hunchbacked boy of near Dicky's age.
  • Two years ago, when we moved to Passy, the same piano was carried in by a single, small, hunchbacked man.
  • Dwarfed trees and crooked serpents, heavy flowers and hunchbacked birds accentuate by the very splendour and contrast of their colour the servility and monotony of their shapes.
  • The car propelled by the hunchbacked engine grated and bumped its way over its cog-wheel road, pushing its delighted quota of passengers higher and higher into the mountains.

Definition of Hunchbacked

Having an abnormally curved or hunched back
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