Hung Up In A Sentence

How To Use Hung Up In A Sentence?

  • She felt very blase as she hung up the receiver.
  • Probably the key had been hung up in the cellar as usual.
  • After she had hung up the receiver her buoyancy vanished.
  • Tiernan hung up and faced the two skippers.
  • Darrig replied, and hung up.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hung Up | Hung Up Sentence

  • Hung up against the tree.
  • Slowly she hung up the receiver.
  • Enoch hung up the receiver.
  • He again hung up the arms himself.
  • Katharine hung up the receiver.
  • He hung up the receiver.
  • I hung up the receiver.
  • He hung up the receivers.
  • Rick smiled as he hung up.
  • He hung up the telephone.
  • And he hung up the receiver.
  • She hung up the string.
  • Teutoberg hung up the phone.
  • Rick thanked him and hung up.
  • Then she hung up everything on a hook.
  • The lists for both will be hung up in the hall.
  • He hung up the receiver and glowered.
  • Rob wanted them hung up on the wall.
  • He hung up his receiver in silence.
  • Then the doctor hung up the receiver.
  • The murderer had hung up the receiver.
  • Tsutayoshi hung up the mosquito net.
  • The major hung up his receiver.
  • The boots were then hung up to dry.
  • She sighed and hung up the receiver.
  • He smells the meat you hung up.
  • One they hung up to the branch of a tree.
  • They sat silent until the receiver was hung up.
  • Barret hung up and returned to the open door.
  • Malone hung up unhappily as the image vanished.
  • A honey-bag is hung up and we have them about us.
  • With a click the boy hung up the receiver.
  • He heard her laugh again as he hung up the receiver.
  • It is to be regretted that no list is hung up in the cases.
  • Then she hung up the receiver without a qualm.

Definition of Hung Up

Having a hang-up, or emotional difficulty. | simple past tense and past participle of hang up
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