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  • The Hungarians were unfazed.
  • The faces of the two Hungarians froze.
  • One of the Hungarians spoke French, fluently but vilely.
  • This the Hungarians were determined to resist to the uttermost.
  • On the big floor in front of the Hungarians the dance goes on.
  • Again it fell to the lot of the Hungarians to deliver Europe from these pests.
  • The Hungarians are Magyars, and were originally of Asiatic origin.

How To Use Hungarians In A Sentence?

  • Scarcely less impossible is it to persuade the mounted Hungarians to fight on foot.
  • Everybody knows how Hungarians always shout out loud when they see a glass of beer.
  • The Hungarians have never felt satisfied with the Austrian rule, and have frequently revolted.
  • He looked from one of the two Hungarians to the other, then back at Armstrong, scowling.
  • Their rear continued to be thus harassed by the wrathful Hungarians until they were fairly out of their territory.
  • The proclamation produced some effect, but as a whole the Hungarians stood fast in their allegiance.
  • Beust has gone too fast, and the privileges accorded to the Hungarians here stimulated the other nationalities to a like importunity.
  • Robbery and murder seem to have journeyed with them, and the poor Hungarians were rendered almost desperate by their numbers and rapacity.
  • The Turkish host surrounded the Hungarians on every side, but were unable to break through their ranks.
  • He was neither young nor handsome, but was well-made, like all Hungarians are, and had an interesting and very expressive face.
  • Freddy growled, "How come the Hungarians have become so important in the Sov-world?
  • The Hungarians scattered about the burning hayricks, and were so intermingled in the darkness of the night with their opponents that they could only distinguish one another by their battle-cries.
  • Anyway," she added, "I don't believe that the Hungarians are as bad as the Germans.
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