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  • She had hungered and thirsted for him.
  • After having done so he hungered for it again.
  • Her spirit hungered for a great revenge.
  • No sooner was one at an end than he hungered for the next.
  • He hungered for Joan.
  • McKeever hungered to be there on the firing line!
  • Mary Rose hungered to hear.
  • And until now have I hungered for a smoke.
  • Soul, as well as body, cried out and hungered for rest.
  • Oh, I have hungered for you, my proud, dark lady!
  • Meantime we hungered and thirsted as many a poor castaway had before us.
  • Throughout each week, woman and boy alike hungered for each other.
  • She wanted money and name; there were days when she hungered for them.
  • The peanut oil served to give a hint of the animal food we hungered for.
  • Ruined, he had naught but her to look forward to, and he hungered for her.
  • She listened and listened, but the sound she hungered for never came.
  • He hungered for the hour of relief, let it bring what it might.
  • His soul hungered for the face of the bridge-opener, and the hunger grew.
  • Meanwhile, two things hung in the balance, and we hungered for news of both.
  • I have seen you feasting at your table while I hungered outside.
  • Mary Rose hungered for the information, as she leaned against the table.
  • Still, my heart has ever hungered for the free life of the Ute.
  • But he hungered for Joan and the long, gay days of another summer.
  • He hungered and thirsted after the truth, like Saint Augustine in Milan.

How To Use Hungered In A Sentence?

  • She hungered for the confidence which she was too proud to demand as her right.
  • Either he had not read far, or he had not hungered or battled enough to be moved by it.
  • When they left it they hungered and thirsted for it; they sickened till the hour of their return.
  • I have hungered many times on weary marches, but yon was the most cruel hunger of my life.
  • Her heart was lonely, and she hungered for some one who "belonged" and loved her.
  • Silently her heart still yearned and hungered for the husband of her youth; his son did not replace him.
  • It was not that he was unfaithful to his wife even in thought, but that his vanity hungered for new conquests.
  • But, above all things, he hungered for the appreciation of the friends among whom he had been born and raised.
  • She who had hungered so insatiably for recognition could be humbly thankful now for the two words that spoke of an inner bond.
  • A few soldiers might be seen talking to giggling nursemaids, but the one face he hungered to see did not reveal itself.
  • Standing, looking at her with eyes that hungered and adored, he began to speak in wonder and self-abasement.
  • She looked at the purple skirt and coat that hungered for their flowers, and then she looked at Janet.
  • Andrews and I hungered for coffee, the delightful fumes of which filled the air and intoxicated our senses.
  • The duchess measured Chloe and the beau together, with a mind swift in apprehending all that it hungered for.
  • He ruled for a long time wisely and well, for he had known the discipline of life, and had hungered and thirsted like the lowest of his subjects.
  • They were no longer those of a woman but a devil, a horrible, sordid devil that hungered not merely for his soul, but for his flesh and blood.

Definition of Hungered

(obsolete) Hungry; pinched for food. | simple past tense and past participle of hunger
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