Hungry And In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hungry And | Hungry And Sentence

  • I am both hungry and thirsty.
  • He was hungry and not at all sleepy.
  • He was very hungry and tired.
  • I was hungry and had hopes of her efforts.
  • He looked very hungry and tired.
  • They were very hungry and the kettle was very small.
  • He was hungry and easily annoyed.
  • They must be hungry and tired!
  • He was very hungry and ate very heartily.
  • Keep your dog hungry and he will follow you.
  • He grew very hungry and cold.
  • He was hungry and the friend of man again.
  • Hungry; and not a crumb!
  • The children were hungry and asked for meat.
  • The boy was hungry and intensely thirsty.
  • It was the cry of a hungry and angry wolf.
  • What may we not expect if he is hungry and desolate?
  • I suddenly became both hungry and thirsty.
  • They were hungry and sat right down to supper.
  • I came back hungry and she disowned me.
  • He became very hungry and chilled to the bone.
  • He said he was hungry and was given something to eat.
  • He was not hungry, and he did not want to eat.
  • The men were hungry and set about building a fire.
  • I was hungry, and you gave me food.
  • He fasted when he was hungry, and feasted when he was not.
  • When we awoke, we were hungry and miserable.
  • We were both hungry, and we had a common topic.
  • It was now after sunset, and all were hungry and cold.
  • Hungry and thirsty, their souls fainted in them.
  • Besides this he was very hungry, and he had nothing to eat.
  • This evening he was not hungry, and he was in a hurry.
  • Hungry and thirsty, their soul fainted in them.
  • For men are born into this world hungry and crying.
  • He never stopped till he was hungry and thirsty.

How To Use Hungry And In A Sentence?

  • I was hungry, and had no food nor means of obtaining any.
  • Does my soul feel hungry and compel my body to steal?
  • It was late by this time, and we were hungry and dusty.
  • But the new-comer did not feel hungry and threw it away.
  • But you will sit and sew, and be so hungry and cold.
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