Hungry in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Hungry

1. I am not hungry any more. 🔊

2. She was hungry for music. 🔊

3. I was hungry and had hopes of her efforts. 🔊

4. A little supper was prepared for the hungry fugitives. 🔊

5. Not one human being would go hungry or cold for it. 🔊

6. We shall not go hungry to-day, after all. 🔊

7. Eleven hundred hungry Indians answered the summons. 🔊

8. But I'm hungry for a smell o' Channel creek at low tide. 🔊

9. When I am hungry I am too demoralized to care how I look. 🔊

10. Toad now knew well that he had not been really hungry before. 🔊

11. They were hungry enough to enjoy a hearty meal at a restaurant. 🔊

12. Toward mid-afternoon he became hungry and solaced himself with a cigarette. 🔊

13. We are hungry for war news, and besides, it is snowing again. 🔊

14. He had sacrificed his supper that he might not go hungry on Christmas morning. 🔊

15. The hungry lion saw the human form--ah! 🔊

How to use Hungry in Sentences?

1. The noise made at night by hungry mules who have no fodder is very distressing. 🔊

2. It is not my practice to let those who have come to me as guests depart hungry and thirsty. 🔊

3. It was a hungry crowd that trooped to the great gray rock where the table was spread. 🔊

4. They found a very nice place to eat and everyone was so hungry that they began to eat at once. 🔊

5. The blunder colt was never too hungry to cease grazing and turn toward adventure. 🔊

6. It was very hot, and she was beginning to feel just a wee bit faint and hungry and irritable. 🔊

7. She seemed to me a restless, lonely, misdirected intelligence hungry to know things. 🔊

8. But come, you must make a good tea; listening is often as hungry work as talking. 🔊

9. At length a huge monstrous lion leaped out from the place where he had been kept hungry for the show. 🔊

10. She was pretty after a fashion, but it always amazed me that anybody who was so hungry could be so vain. 🔊