Hurriedly In A Sentence

Definition of Hurriedly

In a hurried manner.

How To Use Hurriedly In A Sentence?

  • He hurriedly dressed himself and obeyed.
  • He talked hurriedly of his plans.
  • He hurriedly went away.
  • He walked on more hurriedly through the dark.
  • She rose hurriedly to her feet.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hurriedly | Hurriedly Sentence

  • He looked hurriedly about him.
  • He glanced hurriedly about.
  • I hurriedly told him what to do.
  • Ozma was hurriedly dressing herself.
  • Troops were hurriedly concentrated.
  • All were hurriedly getting up.
  • Rendel hurriedly interrupted him.
  • He had it hurriedly pulled down.
  • Julie hurriedly repressed him.
  • Hoku now hurriedly turned to me.
  • She looked down hurriedly again.
  • Meals had to be hurriedly snatched.
  • Rainey hurriedly explained.
  • Camp was hurriedly struck after breakfast.
  • I took them off hurriedly and stepped on.
  • Faith looked hurriedly at the twins.
  • Neither should it be executed hurriedly nor negligently.
  • Farrow had recovered himself and hurriedly followed.
  • He hurriedly glanced through the letter.
  • Just then the door was hurriedly opened.
  • I dressed hurriedly and went out.
  • Here they hurriedly changed their costumes.
  • The sheriff then hurriedly departed.
  • Now for the dishes she had so hurriedly left.
  • But he hurriedly turned the conversation.
  • He returned hurriedly to his observations.
  • She glanced hurriedly over her shoulder.
  • She drew hurriedly away.
  • Lablache rose hurriedly from his chair.
  • Nilkanta hurriedly left the spot.
  • Pash glanced hurriedly over the paper.
  • Dick hurriedly opened the knapsack.
  • Instead he walked hurriedly through the yard.
  • Anse hurriedly pulled it from the sling.
  • And hurriedly he left the room.

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