Hurry Up In A Sentence

How To Use Hurry Up In A Sentence?

  • Then somebody suggested that they must hurry up and catch something for dinner.
  • Sibyl longed to write off at once to her father to hurry up matters with regard to the gold mine.
  • I can hurry up my hot cakes like another, when there is any one to pay for them.
  • She could hurry up and get enough honor beads by the next Council meeting to be eligible.
  • And now then, Ronald, hurry up with yer things, for Connie and me, we must be hoff.
  • Don't try to hurry up a proposal by carrying on a flirtation with some other fellow.
  • Blanco made the discovery about the same time, and at once sent a messenger to hurry up the pursuers.
  • And he turns to the mate, telling him it was a pity he did not try to run along the deck and hurry up the captain when the lull came.
  • And there might be times when she could hurry up a great deal, and lie on the window-seat and look out at the woodlands and dream.
  • That'll make him hurry up with whatever he has to say, he thought; it sets a time limit.
  • He will soon learn to hurry up to escape the whip and be caressed, and you can make him follow you around without taking hold of the halter.
  • She drew her cloak about her and left the room, and he accompanied her with the candle to the hall-door, and saw her hurry up the street.
  • I shall say, 'Dear old Marcus, Teddy and I wish you'd hurry up and ask Mother to marry you.
  • He knew well enough, of course, what Inger had been thinking of when she asked for another bed; best to hurry up and get it ready.
  • So close was he after them that three or four stragglers overtook him, and taking him for one of their number, told him to hurry up or he would be too late for the fun.
  • They passed us like a tornado; shouting as they went by, asking what I had shot at, and telling us to hurry up so as to get home by breakfast time.
  • He said he would secure us a hotel if he could, but if they were all full he would ask them to build another one and hurry up and get the paint and plaster dry against we arrived.
  • The truth was that I could not get that story about the glow of fires out of my mind and was anxious to push on, which had caused me to hurry up the inspanning.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hurry Up | Hurry Up Sentence

  • You must hurry up now and change your clothes.
  • She wanted me to hurry up and come back.
  • On contentious ground, I would hurry up my rear.
  • I hurry up to the bridge, see the flag 'Anna' go up.
  • Daniels better hurry up and send some teachers here that knows their business.
  • Make up your mind whether you like me or not, and hurry up about it.
  • She was roughly told to hurry up and get into the boat or stay behind.
  • Well, then, hurry up my supper," said the duke, passing on to his room.
  • Don't keep on being stuffy, Joan, hurry up and come back.
  • But hurry up the avenue, or you will be late for Professor Spiral's address.
  • But I guess I've got to stick, unless I can hurry up my job here.

Definition of Hurry Up

(emphatic) To hurry; to increase the speed of doing something.
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