Hurrying In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hurrying | Hurrying Sentence

  • Where are you hurrying to?
  • He was hurrying as if to meet me.
  • It is hurrying you to your grave.
  • There was hurrying to and fro.
  • She herself was hurrying forward again.
  • Mary came hurrying in.
  • Izzy had known too when he went hurrying after.
  • In hurrying on she had choked it back.
  • Now the troops are hurrying off the transport.
  • The other came hurrying back.
  • Churches are all hurrying to catch up with the world.
  • Every one was hurrying past me.
  • In a few minutes both were hurrying to the river.
  • It was an awful hurrying time!
  • Presently he came hurrying back.
  • But there was no occasion for my hurrying the horses.
  • Then he heard her hurrying steps.
  • The men came hurrying up.
  • Do not injure yourself by hurrying its perusal.
  • Dunois came hurrying up for news of her.
  • Evidently they were hurrying down to the water gate.
  • There was hurrying to and fro with no discipline.
  • The neighbors were hurrying to and fro.
  • Roger already was hurrying down the trail.
  • She now is hurrying toward the walls.
  • Berta fled in the wake of the hurrying seniors.
  • Yet all are hurrying down in the dusty heat of the noonday.
  • Maria came hurrying down-stairs.
  • Some of our hurrying about is regarded as a great joke.
  • The hotel detective came hurrying up.
  • He was hurrying along with another man.
  • And now he was hurrying forward in undisguised pursuit.
  • He was hurrying her away without a word.
  • Help was hurrying towards her though she did not know it.
  • In a moment more the man was hurrying down the street.

How To Use Hurrying In A Sentence?

  • Look at your friend of the red necktie hurrying up to him.
  • They were hurrying around the corner of the house.
  • Why does the hurrying pulse unbidden leap!
  • But of course she is only hurrying to get us off.
  • Caroline came hurrying in with distended eyes.

Definition of Hurrying

present participle of hurry | The act of one who hurries; hasty motion.
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