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  • Two of them hurtled to the ground.
  • A man hurtled against him and drove him against the wall.
  • Like some great flaming meteor it hurtled earthward.
  • They hurtled through the murky light like shooting stars.
  • The Darian fleet now hurtled toward Weald.
  • The Darian fleet now hurtled toward Weald.
  • Shot after shot from the ambushed enemy hurtled toward them.
  • Meta hurtled forward like an uncoiled spring and the crossbows twanged.
  • The machine rocked violently as a projectile hurtled by underneath us.
  • Seldom checking her speed, she hurtled along the ribbon of trail.
  • Enormous bats hurtled in the air, blinded by the unusual light.
  • The radiant pillar hurtled upward like a thunder-bolt; vanished in space.
  • Baptiste the Red gave the sign, and the spear hurtled full against his breast.
  • Therewithal, they leapt on their horses and hurtled unto Sir Launcelot.
  • The long messenger of death hurtled straight for the enemy's hull.

How To Use Hurtled In A Sentence?

  • Providence intervened in the shape of a shell which hurtled into the midst of the creeping men.
  • Lizzie hurtled into the hall and brought back her coat, fumbling in the pocket.
  • And then they hurtled together as wild boars, and thus they fought a great while.
  • Her first thought was that a tree branch had hurtled against the pane, breaking it.
  • They hurtled madly in the direction of this monster of the heavens, their reverse energy useless.
  • The wind was now still, but ever and anon bursts of hail hurtled on the window.
  • Fragments of slates and tiles, mingled with shattered woodwork, hurtled overhead.
  • A dainty morsel from an Archie shell hurtled through the air and grazed the back of his neck.
  • Against the brightening daylight hurtled some two dozen dark winged shapes ... fighter drones.
  • There was a sudden jolt, a sharp crack, and Frank was hurtled forward head first into the snow.
  • It hurtled overhead and fell behind us with muffled detonation in Sailly-au-Bois.
  • The sparks winked out and the ship hurtled on through a darkness that seemed to take form before them.
  • And then three arrows hurtled past them in incredibly swift succession and thudded into the post, each just above a tomahawk.
  • This much he saw, then swayed an instant longer in his lofty perch and hurtled far out into the frozen hell.
  • Her companions made no reply, their eyes were glued on the columns of smoke that hurtled in dense masses up into the air.
  • It wheeled perilously in a sharp curve, and with honking horn hurtled down the road which followed the course of the river.
  • It fell; it flew to pieces like an exploding shell, and its fragments hurtled over them with a screaming sound.
  • Then they hurtled together as two wild bulls rushing and lashing with their shields and swords, that sometime they fell both over their noses.
  • Out of the jumble of words that hurtled through Guthrie's mind only four slipped his lips.
  • Then, not venturing near him, a shower of bricks and stones hurtled through the air, falling about and upon him.
  • Terrified, he flattened to the rock wall as a huge, though dangerously agile body hurtled by with the speed of a runaway horse.
  • The hold of its front paws weakened, its head slipped off the ledge top, and its heavy body hurtled to the ground.
  • After it came the detonation, and a rolling cloud of thin vapour, out of which there hurtled powdered soil and blocks of hard-rammed mud.
  • Under the streamlined plane's speeding body the gnarled, bomb-torn terrain of Nevada hurtled by.
  • The air was filled with flying objects, and a shingle loosened from the mansion roof, hurtled against Penny.

Definition of Hurtled

simple past tense and past participle of hurtle
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