Husking In A Sentence

Definition of Husking

present participle of husk | A meeting of neighbours or friends to assist in husking maize.

How To Use Husking In A Sentence?

  • At husking time husk and weigh the yield from each row or ear of seed separately.
  • They laid plans for work in the fall, for the cutting and the husking of the corn.
  • The husks were afterwards removed in the barn at a big husking bee or picnic, in which the neighbors took part.
  • No time was wasted, for Joe Dencie was there, and every one knew that the best of a husking came after the corn was disposed of.
  • These were the Planting Festival and the joyous Harvest Festival, at the gathering and husking of the corn.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Husking | Husking Sentence

  • But the husking is not hard.
  • The husking dance does not trouble me.
  • There is no waiting, as with walnuts, for husking time to come.
  • Uncle Walter had been husking the corn he had topped and left on the hill.

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