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  • The hut was a comfortless place.
  • They left the hut together.
  • The hut was no longer empty.
  • The hut becomes a paradise through thee!
  • And the hut was the first object of search.
  • He went back, and sat down in the hut and waited.
  • At the other end of the hut Clay was busy.
  • Er griff nach Hut und Stock.
  • He was the proprietor of the hut the owner of the goat lived in.
  • The hut had been built by men who were in daily fear of capture.
  • This was a ruined hut built under the shelter of a shelving piece of rock.
  • The house was but a glorified hut on piles, unfenced and lonely.
  • The hut was large and well-constructed, though now a little falling to decay.
  • Nellie hatte den Hut aufgenommen und ihn auf ein Bett gelegt.

How To Use Hut In A Sentence?

  • Scarcely were we out of the hut when he took me by the arm and drew me on to the castle.
  • The hut was the fly in the ointment of the specialist in lunacy and the controller-general.
  • Gray went back into the hut and sat down again; but he did not touch the paper any more.
  • On the banks of this bay we found the winter hut of a martin and sable trapper.
  • The hut might have been built for a miniature fortress, so strong were its walls.
  • An entrance having at last been discovered, they took possession of a hut in which was a fire.
  • This deserted, ruinous hut only added a new touch of desolation to the dreary gully.
  • How strange it was, that solitary hut in that lone wilderness, and in view of the shining river!
  • They took him and bore him afar from the shore, To a hut on the hill; to a hut on the hill.
  • Das Klosterhaus war waehrend der Flucht in der Hut des alten treuen Wolf gestanden.
  • He thought it was probably the hut of some sheepherder or cattleman, and he had no doubt of a warm welcome.
  • But in that instant of time he caught sight of a strange figure crouching at the end of the hut without being able to make out what it really was.
  • It was a hut built of logs; the roof was partly off and the roughly made door was lying rotting on the ground.
  • The stranger staggered across the hut and crouched down against the opposite wall, breathing in short hurried pants.
  • Gray went outside the hut and looked searchingly in the direction from which he expected Harding to come.
  • He stared about with his mouth open and saw a white woman issue from the long grass in which a small hut stood buried nearly up to the roof.
  • All round the hut stretched the gray level grass-lands, rolling away in vast monotony to a far horizon.
  • The fresh air was now penetrating the hut and bringing with it the sweet perfumes of honeysuckle and wild roses, excited by the freshening rain.
  • The first devil who speaks has set the hut of some pious poor on fire; the second has buried a fleet of usurers in the waves.
  • As the roof crashed in the whole hut was one bright mass of flame, and a sheet of fire shot upwards into the night.
  • Gray left the hut and walked for some distance along the grassy plain, but he could see nothing, hear nothing.
  • Tischgenossen waren bei dem traurigen Zug; der Famulus Wolf aber blieb zur Hut des Hauses zurueck.
  • In our line of retreat was an abandoned hut built by the charcoal burners, consisting of poles, with heather and fern for roof and sides.
  • When they reached the hut where their victim lay, Tom ordered a halt, and proceeded stealthily into the house to reconnoitre.
  • I come from a wretched hut on the heath, within the ken of this affluent mansion, where I have witnessed calamity in the extreme.

Definition of Hut

(rare, archaic, transitive) To put into a hut. | (rare, dated, intransitive) To take shelter in a hut. | a small wooden shed
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