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  • Hyderabad, State of, 186-187.
  • Nizam, of Hyderabad, 186-187; on the unrest, 191-192, 194, 196.
  • At "Hyderabad," says Mrs. Burton, "they fight every kind of animal."
  • The pitiless Indian sun had poured down upon the Hyderabad _maidan

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  • William-Byam, resident in Hyderabad, now of Hyde-park-corner-terrace; and 3.
  • His able and successful administration at Hyderabad, amidst the fierce opposition of factious parties, affords an admirable illustration of his superior practical wisdom.
  • Others were discovered near Huggeritgi, others on the hill of Yemmee Gooda, others again near Shapoor, Hyderabad, and other places.
  • During the night a squadron patrol of Hyderabad Lancers rode across the hills from the 75th Division into our lines, a truly wonderful feat across unknown country held by the enemy.
  • It is not too much to say, that if Sir Salar Jung had not been ruling in Hyderabad, the outbreak at Kabul would have been instantly followed by a similar outbreak in the Deccan.
  • He was Secretary to Sir John Lawrence in the Punjab, and eventually was appointed Chief Commissioner of the Central Provinces, and the Political Resident at Hyderabad.
  • Realizing that the Mahratta power was on the wane, he resigned from the service of the Peishwa, and, bearing letters of the highest commendation from that ruler to the British envoy at the court of the Nizam, he turned his horse's head toward Hyderabad.
  • It wasn't my first visit to a reigning prince, for if you travel much in India you're bound to come in contact with numbers of them; so I naturally formed a mental picture of what was in store for us, made up from a mixture of memories of Gwalior, Baroda, Bikanir, Hyderabad, Poona and Baghdad of the Arabian-Nights.
  • On February 21st the Burtons left Bombay and journeyed by way of Poona to Hyderabad, where they were hospitably entreated by Major Nevill, the Commander-in-Chief of the Nizam's troops, and Sir Salar Jung, the Prime Minister.
  • Besides the cities above mentioned there is one (HYDERABAD) with a population of over 400,000; there are two (LUCKNOW and BENARES) with a population of over 150,000 each, and eleven more with a population of over 100,000 each.
  • "The termination of that name seems to be very common in India, as Allahabad, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad," added the commander.
  • "The determination (to live unmarried) was the result of a very curious and strange incident that befel me during one of my marches to Hyderabad.
  • The most powerful of the native princes at this time were the Nizam of Hyderabad, and the Peishwa, as the ruler of the Mahratta tribes was called--both of whom had, for reasons of policy, espoused the English cause--and Tippoo Sahib, the son of a Mohammedan military adventurer who had made himself Sultan of Mysore, who was an ally of the French.
  • Even in Hyderabad, the capital of the Nizam's dominions, where, under the wise administration of a great Mahomedan ruler whose Prime Minister is a Hindu, the relations between Moslem and Hindu have hitherto been quite harmonious, a change is gradually making itself felt under the inspiration of a small group of Bengali Hindus who have brought with them the Nationalist cry of "Arya for the Aryan.
  • The Native States of India vary in size and importance from powerful principalities like the Nizam's State of Hyderabad, with an area of 82,000 miles--nearly equal to that of England and Wales and Scotland--- and a population of over 11 millions, down to diminutive chiefships, smaller than the holdings of a great English landlord.
  • " "Bombay, I think--or else Hyderabad----" "Oh, he talks like a fool!----" "Raff!
  • with them it literally burns with an undying flame; from what I know of Delhi in 1857-58, from what I am authentically informed of in respect to Hyderabad at that time
  • Sir Richard Temple, writing from Hyderabad in 1867, thus describes the state of feeling existing there:-- "This hostility" (_i.e._, to the English Government) "is even stronger in the Muhammadan priesthood;
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