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  • This takes place in hypnotism and is supposed to take place in clairvoyance and clairaudience.
  • I may mention finally the use of hypnotism for helping in a safe and quick confinement.
  • He looked at her, stupefied and dumbfounded, a prey to the hypnotism of ugliness.
  • The patient told him that he had been cured by hypnotism as practised by Liebault.
  • That is why I can say that true psychoanalysis began when the help of hypnotism was renounced.
  • The transference of one of the conditions of hypnotism to natural sleep does not appear to be such a daring proceeding.
  • I do not believe that hypnotism or suggestive treatment can influence the brain parts which have suffered from a hemorrhage.
  • We claimed a fundamental difference between the selective inhibition in hypnotism and the general reduction of functions in sleep.
  • Of course this development from astrology to magnetism and from magnetism to hypnotism represented only one side of psychotherapy.
  • But we are always assured that there is no need of turning to the mystery of suggestion and hypnotism to find that uncanny subpersonality in us.
  • In that case, one special feature of hypnotism is superadded to sleep but the sleep itself is not hypnotic.
  • He set his chair back against the wall and watched and listened, a veritable sense of hypnotism creeping over his senses.
  • Ask any medical man about the explanation of hypnotism and kindred other "isms" being accountable for the performance of this trick.
  • We know that hypnotism is not based on any special power of the hypnotizer; there is no magnetic fluid in the sense of the old mesmerism.
  • It had a delight, analogous to that which the tom-tom gives, a delight drawn from the hypnotism of inexorable rhythm.
  • We know hypnotism in most various degrees; the lowest can be reached practically by everyone, the highest by rather few.
  • Incomparably more value belongs to the artificial sleep, the mesmeric state of earlier days, the hypnotism of our time.
  • The hypnotism of horror lured them on to where twelve houses lay spread about in smoking chaos, a plateau of blazing and noisome havoc.
  • It transpired that the application was made in respect of letters for a person who was undergoing a state of hypnotism at a Bristol music hall.
  • The hypnotism of the madman above fell from me, and I saw the whole map of our silly actions as clearly as if it were printed.
  • The developed hypnotism finally shades off into innumerable states of hypnoid character in which the sleeplike symptoms are entirely in the background.
  • The incident began that period of reawakened interest in hypnotism which now constitutes such a ludicrous series of events in the medicine of the end of the nineteenth century.
  • There is no hypnotism which does not contain from the first stage this definite relation to certain objects of attention, usually to a particular person.
  • We had to speak of the psychophysics of sleep when we discussed the theoretical relation of sleep to hypnotism and insisted that it is misleading to consider hypnosis simply as partial sleep.
  • When hypnotism came in vogue again at the end of the nineteenth century, it was a case of chronic rheumatism that gave it its first impetus in scientific circles.
  • He is a robust man, of powerful will, and in these days of hypnotism his influence over the most passive of people may appear less wonderful to us than to them.
  • Freud himself practically abstained from the help which hypnotism can give for the reawakening of forgotten experiences, while some of his pupils still prefer this short way to the forgotten memories.
  • Seeming to cease to be mysterious, hypnotism became all but respectable, and was being used in surgical operations, till it was superseded by chloroform.
  • The much more essential relation of psychotherapy to the normal mental life, the relation of suggestion and hypnotism to the normal functions seemed too often neglected.
  • In claiming that hypnotism depends upon the over-attention to the hypnotizing person, we admit that the increased suggestibility belongs entirely to suggestions which come from without.
  • It is variable in the same individual, is often the result of drugs, of fatigue, of sleep, and may be induced or intensified by hypnotism or mesmerism.
  • Hypnotic inquiry can thus lead to the recognition of the first causes in many hysterical states and where hypnotism is not the best adjusted tool, a certain dreamlike staring may be more effective.

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  • He, himself, was enveloped by the hypnotism of the place.
  • Then there was the hypnotism of the enthusiasm which laid hold of us.
  • But exactly these characteristics of attention belong to hypnotism too.
  • It was probably the first university course on hypnotism given anywhere.
  • Neither hypnotism nor mesmeric control are elements in true mind-healing.
  • Lectures on hypnotism or spiritualism, with experiments, are always popular.
  • Macdonald asked if I had any books on hypnotism and suggestion.
  • Another name given to these phenomena is the Hypnotism of the English.

Definition of Hypnotism

The art of inducing hypnosis.
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