Hypocrites In A Sentence

Definition of Hypocrites

plural of hypocrite

How To Use Hypocrites In A Sentence?

  • He mocked popes and cardinals and bishops and priests, and all the hypocrites on the earth.
  • Then he saw what hypocrites the self-styled priest, his wife, and all in his house were.
  • Nay, if he can know our thoughts by looking on us, we women are hypocrites to little purpose.
  • At the opening of the fifth seal, the Church is purged from hypocrites by a great persecution.
  • Did Christ love his, when he denounced them as whited sepulchers, hypocrites and vipers?
  • This supposition does as little credit to their integrity as their wisdom: it makes them at once hypocrites and fools.
  • He is a character of the place, and one of the most original hypocrites among the begging fraternity.
  • But, whatever your answer, society fortunately is not made up of hypocrites or rascals of any kind.
  • Those who associate with hypocrites become hypocrites, and then scoundrels, slowly but surely by infection.
  • The hypocrites shall not deceive us into thinking them saints; but neither shall they deceive us into thinking them hypocrites.
  • Already I hear the eternal flock of hypocrites and fools protesting and crying out at outraged morality.
  • The result of those measures was to make hypocrites rather than believers, and they took effect upon the weakest and least-principled persons.
  • Yet, how could I know whether the hypocrites who clustered round me were not thinking of my money all the while?
  • How had he come by this hatred, vigorous as that which Alcestis demands from virtuous souls against hypocrites and evil-doers?
  • It filled the world with hypocrites and zealots, and upon the cross of its own Christ it crucified the individuality of man.
  • If we have laws, let us obey them; but if we do not intend to obey them, let us stop being hypocrites and remove them from the statutes.
  • They hid themselves in shelters and in mountains afraid of mortality, to be punished for being hypocrites while hoarding and hiding great wealth for use in later times.
  • These are not hypocrites imposing on their neighbors; that is a hard thing to do, unless the neighbors really wished to be humbugged in the interest of a theory.
  • One inevitably wonders what would happen if some minister of the cities denounced from his pulpit in these frank and indignantly righteous terms the flagrant sinners and hypocrites of his congregation.
  • For money Ananias and Sapphira became the first hypocrites in the early Church, and lost their lives.
  • He took it for granted everybody else was as bad as he was himself, yet all the while he tried to make himself believe that he was upright and noble in all he did, as hypocrites generally do.
  • If they are hypocrites and rogues, they are extremely dangerous; and if they are fanatical in good faith, or imbecile, they are not less to be feared.
  • Like all hypocrites, these men overstate the case to such a degree, and so turn and pervert facts and words that they succeed only in gaining the applause of other hypocrites like themselves.
  • There exists among the foolish a certain sect of hypocrites who continually seek to deceive themselves and others, but others more than themselves, though in reality they deceive themselves more than others.
  • There won't be a hypocrite in the next world, and if you don't want to be associated with hypocrites in the next world, you will take this invitation.
  • True, some hypocrites and false Christians were found among them, as the example of Ananias and Sapphira plainly shows.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hypocrites | Hypocrites Sentence

  • You can make hypocrites by the million.
  • The hypocrites come on a begging errand.
  • You will find plenty of hypocrites in the church.
  • They may at heart be hypocrites and secret blasphemers.
  • Why, you will find hypocrites everywhere.
  • Perhaps you may see many hypocrites around you.
  • Not one, except the hypocrites and pretenders!
  • What hypocrites Christians are!
  • There is nothing in which we are such hypocrites as our pleasures.
  • Do you get it from the handful of hypocrites and men of darkness?
  • I should like to see one of your northern hypocrites attempt it.
  • I afterwards found him to be one of the basest hypocrites that I ever saw.
  • But I offer no complaint; only fools and hypocrites make lamentation.
  • He understood the hypocrites of his day: "Hypocrisy, in mercy spare it!

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