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  • A hypocritical rascal!
  • Leave this hypocritical prating about the masses.
  • An hypocritical convert of the times.
  • A dishonest or hypocritical infidel is an impossibility.
  • Whatever may be said, all are not hypocritical and vicious.
  • Why, you hypocritical young ruffian, you!
  • His uncle expressed hypocritical surprise at the nature of the will.
  • The kind that isn't hypocritical or priggish.
  • How often in the course of your hypocritical days have you wished me dead?
  • My hypocritical love masked itself under the guise of paternal affection.
  • The young man did not challenge this hypocritical answer in any way.
  • After all, modern science will concede as much, in a hypocritical manner.
  • For this one has to be merely and simply a hypocritical Quaker.
  • Isabella, or this hypocritical old Friar, that procured his enlargement?
  • He denounces Austria's hypocritical support of the independence of Albania.
  • Then abruptly changing his tone, he remarked with hypocritical sympathy: "Oh!

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  • It is its most cherished child, all hypocritical sanctimoniousness notwithstanding.
  • But the captive answered these hypocritical enquiries by never so much as a word.
  • After some farther insincere and hypocritical conversation of this sort, breakfast was served.
  • His hand can not write as aforetime, or at best, his expressions become a hypocritical pretence.
  • Is it not time to say to these hypocritical sects, "Physicians, heal yourselves"?
  • They are a part of the hypocritical cant without which, somehow, Great Britain cannot get along.
  • Are the religious professions of the President of the Orange Free State hypocritical or sincere?
  • Now certainly it is good to be oneself in the sense that it is hypocritical to pretend to be what one is not.
  • There was only a tacit hypocritical assumption that she was on a visit to friends and that there had been nothing queer about her departure.
  • They mercilessly robbed and knew it, while making the most hypocritical professions of lofty motives.
  • They consulted together and bestowed some of their superfluity; but the cowardly hypocritical priests could not suffer this.
  • It is but of a piece that you should have come with your sickly, hypocritical face, imposing upon us all.
  • It is in vain to tell them that they ought to have recourse to legal and pacific means: it would be a hypocritical recommendation.
  • No man, under the false and hypocritical pretence of liberty of conscience, ought to be suffered to have no conscience at all.
  • The order of nature has been, as it were, reversed, that the hypocritical few might govern the honest many.
  • A hypocritical cry has been raised in the States about the tyranny and oppression under which the natives are said to be groaning.
  • It is only a dead, too often, indeed, a hypocritical moralising which inveighs against the form of passion as such.
  • It was she, the thievish, hypocritical old woman, who had brought this upon her, and turned all against her.
  • I looked for awhile at the hypocritical clergyman very steadily, until he cringed like a viper, and turned pale as a ghost.
  • As a matter of fact everything she said sounded to him as hypocritical as all the confounded war substitutes with which he found himself more and more hemmed in.
  • It was, no doubt, owing to this hypocritical asset and the appreciation of it by head office officials, that Penton was managing a branch.
  • If Shakespeare had graduated at Oxford, he might have been a quibbling attorney, or a hypocritical parson.
  • It represents the average man as more hypocritical than he really is, and as falling farther below the standards he acknowledges than he actually does fall.
  • If she be open-hearted, her freedom of spirit will appear hypocritical to you: her airiness you will judge to be tricks that will be very troublesom to you.

Definition of Hypocritical

Characterized by hypocrisy or being a hypocrite. [from mid-16th c.]
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