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  • He shook the hysteria from him.
  • I saw no indication of hysteria in you.
  • A wave of hysteria passed over her.
  • Her screams of hysteria began.
  • Had a reaction set in against the hysteria of her conversion?
  • Marta was not so near hysteria that she did not divine his thought.
  • She had been a sufferer from hysteria for a number of years.
  • During the joyful hysteria of the first few months this was not noticed.
  • She laughed herself almost into hysteria at my funny appearance.
  • A better remedy for that type of hysteria could not be devised.
  • In the mechanism of hysteria suppression plays the chief part.
  • I heard the hysteria and unreason in my voice and it just made me madder.
  • The moment he released the hand the old wave of hysteria rolled over her.
  • When the hysteria quieted down, he looked up at her with a big smile.
  • She was close to hysteria now, all hope of self-command gone.
  • A new hysteria of vice and disorder dates from the hour the blunder was made.
  • But, hysteria or not, mother couldn't sleep.
  • Don't condemn me as a hysteria patient, or as a madman, for two or three days.

How To Use Hysteria In A Sentence?

  • It is utterly free from hysteria and sticks straight to the unadulterated truth.
  • All along the coast here stand the Martello towers, monuments to the hysteria of a former day.
  • We might go through the various stages of neurasthenia and then through psychasthenia and then through hysteria and so on.
  • Surely they could not mean that my heroine was to have an attack of hysteria at that moment in my play.
  • Take the case that a patient in severe hysteria at our request writes down the history of her life.
  • But she did fight down the wild hysteria of her repugnance so that her voice was not the trembling gasp it wanted to be.
  • It is the emotional instability and the quick alternation of symptoms which characterize hysteria or rather the hysterias.
  • You know that hysteria and compulsion-neurosis are the two chief factors in the group of transference neuroses.
  • Again panic grew and reached a pitch of hysteria as she listened to the man's easy level tones.
  • Psychotherapy became in such hands essentially a study of hypnotism, with especial interest in its relation to hysteria and similar diseases.
  • Having full water casks again the hysteria had subsided and the caravan set out toward the lower spring, which was reached just before nightfall.
  • In hysteria symptomatic conditions also arise (hysterical attacks) which need leave no trace in the memory.
  • The physician may have justly diagnosed that the case is "merely" neurasthenia or hysteria and not a brain tumor or paralysis of the brain.
  • There might be more in it, he was beginning to discern, than mere lack of control, than vulgar hysteria and undisciplined violence.
  • She had always, he said, enjoyed the finest health, and was as little inclined to hysteria as woman well could be.
  • At this point the speaker fell into ungovernable hysteria and exploded, rocking back and forth, slapping his thighs and hiccoughing with enjoyment.
  • Yet Will was not like a school-girl, and his hysteria took the pseudo-manly form of refusal to retreat.
  • Aunt Tish ended the recital in a sing-song chant, worked up to a state of hysteria by the recital of her ancient wrong.
  • Let us be prepared to widen and change our attitude still more when we consider other narcistic neuroses besides compulsion-neurosis and hysteria in our discussion.
  • I have been told that the pupils of a famous psychiatrist once took the trouble to convince their teacher that the symptoms of hysteria very frequently represent sexual matters.
  • The passengers were becoming calm by stages, but the calm was largely the reaction of hysteria for a few moments until common sense walled up the breach.
  • Church members were timid before the ordeal of experience or pleading, and the unconverted were strained to the verge of hysteria over a prospect of being haled into the open and prayed for.

Definition of Hysteria

Behavior exhibiting excessive or uncontrollable emotion, such as fear or panic. | (medicine) A mental disorder characterized by emotional excitability etc. without an organic cause. | (informal, pathology) Synonym of conversion disorder
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