I Follow In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For I Follow | I Follow Sentence

  • I follow your affair daily.
  • I follow de cannibals.
  • I follow her at the respectful distance of ten paces.
  • I follow him to-morrow, on the train.
  • Neither do I follow here.
  • I follow them, a hunter on the trail of a new species.
  • That is why I follow you.
  • Therefore I follow him gladly.
  • He came and I follow him.
  • Where you go I follow.
  • Shall I follow the devil?
  • Yet will I follow your good counsel.
  • He can find no fault with me if I follow his example.
  • My lords, I follow you.
  • I follow behind you To touch and remind you.
  • As I follow the chase on my high-mettled nag.
  • One instant of toilet, and I follow.
  • And now for my visit to your family: I follow you in a day.
  • Up and down the long hall they go, and I follow them.
  • As a rule, I follow the order of the manuscript.
  • As you say, whither thou goes will I follow.
  • I follow Blomfield and Paley.
  • If I follow her, a fragrant dust blows back at me.
  • I follow Griffiths and Paley.
  • I follow Your Majesty.
  • And I follow the Collier laddie.
  • But I follow the fighting Apollo.
  • Let the lad Hugo think I follow him.
  • Do I follow the precepts of the sermon on the Mount?
  • I follow thee, Her faint voice said; and lo!
  • And I falter while I follow as a child does in the dark.
  • If I find a more flowery path I follow it.
  • The heart I follow, for I dare trust to it.
  • At least, I follow till I win.
  • If I follow on my feet and alone, I must follow.

How To Use I Follow In A Sentence?

  • Fill her up," he roared, "I follow the patriarch Noah.
  • I follow him.
  • I follow.
  • I follow thee?
  • I follow thee.
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