I Moved In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For I Moved | I Moved Sentence

  • I moved and stood before her.
  • I moved into the background.
  • I moved to the left.
  • I moved as in a dream.
  • I moved the candles out of danger.
  • I moved on an undulating surface.
  • I moved away so as not to hear.
  • I moved my head aside.
  • I moved my hook towards him.
  • I moved toward her to take my leave.
  • I moved towards the open door.
  • I moved forward mechanically and at random.
  • I moved a black pawn forward.
  • I moved about the palace like a guilty being.
  • I moved out of the line of the reflection in the glass.
  • I moved quietly to it, touched it gently.
  • I moved off suddenly and sent the eunuchs scurrying back.
  • I moved unsteadily toward the side of the clustered cubes.
  • I moved to the sixth story of the hotel to hunt for peace.
  • I moved up close, and never lost a strain.
  • I moved slowly along, hesitating to ask.
  • I moved to clasp her, my heart leaping at her confession.
  • Then I moved more cautiously.
  • So again I moved my chair.
  • And I moved away on tiptoe.
  • I moved on until we came near Funkstown.
  • He was at my side in a moment as I moved.
  • I said, as I moved off.
  • He did so, and I moved right up.
  • In trepidation, I moved backward.
  • It was a quarter-past ten when I moved to go.
  • Then I moved on a few yards, and waited.
  • Then I moved away and stood by the rough table.
  • I should miss that pepper-tree if I moved away.
  • It would fall out if I moved my foot hard.

How To Use I Moved In A Sentence?

  • Jud stopped, and I moved up a little closer to him.
  • The cedar tree obstructed my view, and I moved aside.
  • Then, half lifting her, I moved her forwards.
  • Of course I moved no amendment, and went my way rejoicing.
  • I moved my tongue; I moved my jaw...

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