I Suggest In A Sentence

How To Use I Suggest In A Sentence?

  • I suggest that a priest be summoned, and that you and my daughter be married immediately.
  • Might I suggest that in the morning a search should be made round the edge of the wood.
  • May I suggest that you will be less one if you follow my plans without opposition?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For I Suggest | I Suggest Sentence

  • I suggest that we follow it for a while.
  • I suggest a cautious approach.
  • I suggest that you get some sleep.
  • I suggest socketed timbers?
  • I suggest that we start immediately after breakfast.
  • I suggest a publicity campaign of some kind.
  • I suggest nothing, my lord.
  • Please do as I suggest.
  • What I suggest to you is this.
  • Nevertheless I suggest that we spread out just the same.
  • Whom could I suggest?
  • But I suggest that we go at once to business.
  • What I suggest is perfectly possible.
  • I suggest that you might prefer the Inca himself.
  • Now I suggest that we ride toward the northwest.
  • The scheme I suggest is the only safe plan.
  • That is what I suggest, sir.
  • I suggest you study them very carefully, Malone.
  • As for the risk, I suggest you underestimate it.
  • What, then, do I suggest?
  • No, my dear, I suggest nothing.
  • But, Archie, you veto everything I suggest!
  • For the ultimate in earlies I suggest Red Gold.
  • I suggest identity.
  • I suggest that you should be a little more careful in future.
  • I suggest that the business of the morning be to locate it if possible.
  • I suggest you return it to the people who have donated it to your organization.
  • I suggest to you that you see a solicitor and put the matter in his hands.
  • I suggest that no one be selected who was on the program last year.
  • I suggest it because I have a hazy idea what your trouble is.
  • Tell him I suggest a baker's dozen.
  • I suggest to give him as alternatives these two slightly different lists: / 1.
  • May I suggest that you're rather wasting your talents?
  • But in spite of your legal knowledge I suggest that you have associate counsel.
  • I half believe you are the good luck, if you do what I suggest.
  • Loneliness is in the formula: I suggest it for fear you might forget.
  • And now I suggest that we go down the road a bit, and look for a garage.
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