I Supposed In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For I Supposed | I Supposed Sentence

  • I supposed that all was over with me.
  • I supposed that they were all out fishing.
  • I supposed you knew.
  • I supposed they had asked you.
  • I supposed was in his old bones.
  • I supposed that he had entirely forgotten it.
  • I supposed that would be enough for me.
  • I supposed it was those pesky boys.
  • I supposed of course he had told you.
  • I supposed everybody had to answer their own letters.
  • I supposed the ball would strike.
  • I supposed that they were a different race of people.
  • I supposed it would not be for a week yet.
  • I supposed at that time it was someone going below.
  • I supposed we were going right back to the hotel.
  • I supposed that they would at least give me a hearing.
  • I supposed you knew; that you had been told.
  • I supposed you were all living here like a happy family.
  • I supposed this was to be my location; but, no!
  • I supposed she was in her state-room reading till evening.
  • What am I supposed to be?
  • I supposed, of course, that she had permission.
  • I said I supposed not.
  • I supposed Alikhanoff stopped you.
  • It is exactly as I supposed!
  • In fact I supposed she was.
  • I supposed you had grown old; and with age comes wisdom.
  • I supposed that Virginia felt the same way.
  • Heavens, I supposed nothing about him!
  • Well, I supposed as much.
  • I supposed he had given them to Winton long ago.
  • I said that I supposed he carried arms with him.
  • Yes, I supposed it was love for me.
  • I supposed that I would be the first man on the scene.
  • This was courtesy; I supposed it was necessity.

How To Use I Supposed In A Sentence?

  • I supposed I had killed him, but his body was not there.
  • I supposed I must be affected, too.
  • Besides, I supposed the caddies were the ones to strike.
  • They were white men, and I supposed slaveholders.
  • He was still making inquiries, I supposed.
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