I Wan In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For I Wan | I Wan Sentence

  • I wan fro hem.
  • I wan the horse frae fair Johnie Armstrong, Hand to hand, on Cannobie lee.
  • I wan them from the enemie;
  • I wan' t
  • It were kind o' him; he knowed I wan' ter see it mighty quick."
  • "I wan' stay here wid you!
  • Like as I wan them, sae will I keep them, Contrair a' kingis in Christentie."
  • "What're they comin' here to-day for, I wan' to know.

How To Use I Wan In A Sentence?

  • , "Yes, I wan you immediately" has been changed to "Yes, I want you immediately".

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