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  • At last they arrived at Ibadan.
  • But during that short time much had happened at Ibadan.
  • Towbah yah nebbi ullah Anna lah amill Kathalik ibadan!
  • Kathahlik ibadan!
  • but that she were leaving it, for Ibadan was beloved by her.

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  • The only white people in Ibadan were the missionaries, and these they refused to expel.
  • Gladly they would have remained and died at Ibadan, but for the knowledge that their work could now be better carried on by younger missionaries.
  • In the autumn of the following year Anna Hinderer and her husband returned to Ibadan, where they were received joyfully.
  • They reached Ibadan in safety, only, however, to find that the chief of that place was at war with the chief of Ijaye, a neighbouring town.
  • Nevertheless, two years later, Anna Hinderer and her husband, restored in health, were back at Ibadan.
  • Two years later the chiefs of the neighbouring tribes decided to expel all white men from their territory, and they urged the Ibadan chiefs to adopt a similar policy.
  • After a stay at Abeokuta for the benefit of her health, Anna Hinderer returned to Ibadan, to find the new church and mission-house finished.
  • The war in the interior, between the chiefs of Ibadan and Ijaye, continued with unabated fury; the former district is said to contain 100,000 inhabitants, and the latter 50,000.
  • One of the first white women to risk the dangers of the Yoruba climate was Anna Hinderer, to whom belongs the honour of being the first of her colour to visit Ibadan.
  • Very few of them had ever seen a white woman, for, as already stated, Anna Hinderer was the first to visit Ibadan, and their curiosity was somewhat embarrassing.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Hinderer were at Abeokuta when the news arrived, and at once they hastened back to Ibadan, although there was a danger of being captured and tortured by the invading force.
  • She was overcome with grief at leaving her husband shut up in Ibadan, and her distress was increased by her inability to say 'good-bye' to the little native children to whom she had acted a mother's part.
  • She died on June 6, 1870, aged forty-three; and when the sad news reached Ibadan there was great sorrow in the town, and the Christian Church which she had helped to plant there forwarded to her husband a letter of consolation and thankfulness for the work which she had done among them.
  • we gather from the following extract from a letter written by Dr. Irving, R.N., who visited Ibadan shortly after they had settled down:-- 'Mr. and Mrs. Hinderer at present live in such a funny little place; quite a primitive mud dwelling, where no two persons can walk abreast at one time.
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