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How To Use Icebox In A Sentence?

  • In summer grafting I have used for the most part scions I have kept in the icebox in sawdust.
  • Where could a person find temperatures lower than those in the celestial icebox that extended everywhere around him?
  • Cool and then drain the beans well, then mash fine, pile in a dish and set in the icebox until needed.
  • He stowed me away in a corner behind the icebox and in that corner I remained for the rest of the evening.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Icebox | Icebox Sentence

  • Pat dry and then place in icebox until needed.

Definition of Icebox

agreeable, awesome. (as a superlative of cool) | A box or compartment containing ice. [from 19th c.] | (Britain) A compartment in a refrigerator that is colder than the rest of the refrigerator and is used as a freezer.
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Icebox in a sentence

Icebox sentence

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