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  • These he dexterously concealed from the iconoclastic citizen, took home, and preserved.
  • The Chicago press is an institution that, fortunately, still survives in these iconoclastic days.
  • It is on an iconoclastic eagerness of one kind or another that nearly all hoaxing and practical joking is based.
  • The zealous and iconoclastic reformer had reigned but seven years when he was called upon to defend his people against the invader.
  • All the prominent bishops who had held iconoclastic opinions were expelled from their sees, and their places were filled by the orthodox.
  • But even these "purifications" were not sufficient to satisfy the demands of an orthodox and iconoclastic priesthood.
  • One of the peculiarities of this tremendous and iconoclastic realist is the care with which he writes and the indefatigable polish he bestows upon his style.
  • His Latin nature was filled with disgust at their intolerance, their iconoclastic rage, their brutal, stumbling bearing.
  • He had not even had the tact to make his refusal graceful; she must think him an iconoclastic boor, driven by a rude hatred of all that she respected.
  • Pre-Reformation churches had several wooden images of saints, most of which were destroyed by the iconoclastic zeal of the Reformers or Puritans.
  • The neighbouring parish church has, alas! been swept and garnished by iconoclastic hands, which have ruthlessly bereft the fabric of every feature of interest.
  • Not a guide in Italy but has heard the tale of that iconoclastic crew, and of the book which turned their marvels into myths, their relics into bywords.

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  • With a brief iconoclastic phrase that god was abolished.
  • From the Age of Justinian to the Iconoclastic paralysis of art under Leo III.

Definition of Iconoclastic

Characterized by attack on established and accepted beliefs, customs, or institutions; of or pertaining to iconoclasm.
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