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  • Art requires an idealization of nature.
  • The idealization of the human form makes a God.
  • The idealization of the sensuous, music brings about by negating space.
  • It is useless to attempt an idealization of the Hawaiian eater.

How To Use Idealization In A Sentence?

  • Different in character was his idealization of the beautiful Countess Delphine Potocka.
  • Play is to a child the idealization of life's experiences and the realization of its ideals.
  • The actuality of the imagery is in fact irrelevant, just as history is in the idealization of human events.
  • I knew a boy once who applied the idealization formed during the inflammable period to a girl who at that time thought she cared for him.
  • This conception of reality must be given up, if the notion of thought as a process of idealization is to be retained.
  • The idealization of woman has therefore, besides other faults, that of causing as to take a dislike to our ordinary companions.
  • Those who can see nothing in this poem but the idealization of an earthly passion must be strangely and perversely mistaken in their Emily Bronte.
  • Next to the affectionate idealization of parents and home-folk one of the earliest manifestations of the spirit of loyalty in the child is his desire to have a share in the activities of the home.
  • They are Indians, all of them; heroic figures, no doubt, and yet taken from life, with no more idealization than may serve the maker of romance.
  • But in the form of a motion and tremor of the material body within itself, this single point becomes a concrete and active process within the idealization of matter.
  • The tired laborer is shown returning to his cottage, no touch of idealization being added to the picture of physical weariness save what comes from the feeling for home and wife and children.

Definition of Idealization

The act or process of idealizing. | The representation of natural objects, scenes, etc., in such a way as to show their most important characteristics; the study of the ideal.
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