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  • What were the central ideas that throbbed in the breasts of its heroes and martyrs?
  • The ordinances and temples were but the outward symbols of the ideas that had created them.
  • But that is one of the ridiculous ideas that people get into their heads about actors.
  • He liked to impart his knowledge to her, and to have her enjoy the new ideas that he gathered.
  • Still, it shadowed forth and expressed to her mother the ideas that were passing in her own mind.
  • Consider one or two examples of ideas that have played dominant roles in the lives of nations.
  • All the ideas that physical science can bring us of creation is the root of three in one.
  • I was so occupied with my own preconceived ideas that I forgot to sympathize with you.
  • Such are the ideas that we have, on the one side, of mind, on the other, of matter.
  • I have come to reckon it worth while to get ideas that I want driven home into his head.
  • I have some ideas that one day may be embodied, and till winter I shall have much leisure.
  • He had been so profoundly absorbed in his own ideas that she had been nothing more individual than one of an audience.
  • There are a great many other floating ideas that prove the source of disturbing dreads for many people.
  • Nature lends itself to the remodeling and suggests many ideas that help to identify the house with the personality of its owner.
  • Lazy inertness causes individuals to accept ideas that have currency about them without personal inquiry and testing.
  • Those ideas that disappoint us are false ideas; those to which events are true are true themselves.
  • So right from the beginning the action of the pupil will be the expression of the emotions and ideas that hold sway in his mind.
  • Are there ideas that can fairly be pronounced independent in their origin of experience, and out of the reach of experience by their nature?
  • It gave the state ideas that afterward caused something like a revolution in its economic and educational status.
  • But it is just here, in the development of these two ideas, that the defects of his system make their appearance.
  • The detection of our identity, or punishment for preparing to fight a duel were the ideas that sprang up in my head.
  • It is from all these ideas that we are to look for regret and remorse, even in those who do not believe in the chimeras of another world.
  • He considered this fresh agreement necessary on account of some peculiar ideas that were held at the time by certain dissentients.
  • Thus our priests have prudently seized upon the youth to inspire them with ideas that they could never impose upon adults.
  • However, in popularizing science there is always the danger that the simplification may suggest ideas that are not wholly accurate.
  • When this point is reached, the ideas that things suggest must be applied to the things with some regard to fitness.
  • But at the heart of intellectual property law are a set of ideas that a ten-year-old can understand perfectly well.
  • We began an interesting little wrangle one of those crude discussions of general ideas that are dear to the heart of youth.
  • When she smiled at the contrite Jimmy she scattered the few remaining ideas that lingered in his brain.
  • Vaguely, the chums wondered what it might mean, conjecturing ideas that somehow failed to be convincing.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ideas That | Ideas That Sentence

  • He has ideas that would amaze you.
  • Its men are armed by the ideas that we prefer.
  • As to ideas, that is another thing.
  • He has no ideas that do not begin and end in himself and his own advantage.
  • He staggered under the shock of the sensations and ideas that crowded upon him.
  • The way to it was the same, only the ideas that pointed the way were different.
  • Veronique stopped again, struck by these ideas, that were new to her.
  • Kate was wrong in her ideas that his poverty had much influence upon Philip.
  • Such are the ideas that Christianity gives us of the Divinity.
  • The ideas that you hold are the ones which the Standard Oil is disseminating.
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