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  • Enforced idleness so fretted him that at times he seemed all but out of his wits.
  • Activity had become a second nature to him, and idleness was simply intolerable.
  • With an idleness that visited her only at early day-break, she wondered what it was.
  • Among such people as ours, ignorance, idleness and greed counter-balance one another.
  • But from my lengthy idleness alternating with moderate action, I had no strain upon my faculties.
  • The idleness which would make an Englishman awkward sits gracefully on the Italian.
  • In this story Industry is held up for attainment, and Idleness receives a severe rebuke.
  • Thomas Petit, for "suspicion of slander, idleness and stubbornness," was severely whipped.
  • Flamma would not leave it for months of gilded idleness in any nobleman's mansion.
  • The remainder of life is not for idleness but must be in part productive or the lessened hours of routine will not be possible.
  • She had no habits of idleness to overcome, and an hour at the table made her as expert with her fingers as ever.
  • Having acquired habits of idleness and a taste for excitement and adventure, no peaceful pursuit can content them.
  • She brought her sewing, one of those elegant pieces of handiwork that give to idleness a good conscience.
  • Hubert threw the papers aside, lay back, and in the lucid idleness of the bed his thoughts grew darker.
  • Nearly always, when the heart opposes the brain, the heart is merely a pretty name which we give to our idleness and our egotism.
  • On the one hand, the young became the victims of idleness and, on the other, the prey of the voracious factory system.
  • Days of idleness are not always the emptiest; life may justify its halts; our spirits may mount to their sublimest pitch in hours of play.
  • Just so the majority of men who have one sort of work to do accuse him of idleness who has more directions for his industry than they can comprehend.
  • Time wasted in idleness or reading worthless books means bad companions, bad habits, and the loss of opportunity, energy and vitality.
  • Peter saw that Michel was right, so far as idleness was concerned, and resolved to devote his energies to acquiring more and more riches.
  • It might easily be that this unknown Smith was like a hundred other "gentlemen rankers" who could only be accused of idleness and instability.
  • There was no very pressing business in the middle of January, when people had hardly yet recovered the idleness of Christmas.
  • When Paley the great moralist was a student at Cambridge he wasted his time in idleness and frivolity, and was the butt of his fellow-students.
  • Pitt at once displayed a prime qualification for his post of honor by choosing with unfailing discernment men who should lead both fleets and armies from idleness into action.
  • She had borne his indifference to her degradation, she had not murmured at the idleness that pinched them, but at that word something in her heart seemed to break.
  • I have found that rather in individual experience and in those moments of energetic idleness when the life of universal nature seemed to come to its bloom of realization in my consciousness.
  • Kimball had been taught to believe that the chief badges of an aristocracy were complete idleness of the women, and the possession of enough wealth to support such idleness.
  • Her care of her physical self and her utter disregard for money have undoubtedly contributed to her long and brilliant career; rest and idleness are her most cruel punishments.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Idleness | Idleness Sentence

  • His day of idleness was over.
  • Learn to abhor idleness as nature does a vacuum.
  • But the days of unthrifty idleness were at an end.
  • His idleness and arrogance make me quite sick.
  • The eyes of love or of idleness are like those of a lynx.
  • Because in idleness are all things, all things good.
  • The idleness of reaction was on Menard.
  • A week's idleness meant one million tons unproduced.
  • He made no complaint to anyone, neither did he sit in idleness and mope.
  • The sun rose on sails become slack, bemused in idleness on a mirror sea.
  • So you see I am not likely to eat the bread of idleness at least.
  • The English have triumphed, and I still waste my time in idleness here!

Definition of Idleness

The state of being idle; inactivity. | The state of being indolent; indolence. | Groundlessness; worthlessness; triviality.
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