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  • I am no flatterer or idolater of the nobility.
  • The modern idolater of riches is content with far less genuine things.

How To Use Idolater In A Sentence?

  • He was an idolater therefore, and it was a sin to be yoked together with such an one.
  • Even the primitive idolater has some faint gleam of it, distorted though it may have become.
  • In order to provide a remedy, God chooses for his favorite the idolater Abraham.
  • Science was his god, and this idolater was willing to endure any labor and privation and to assume any responsibility in her service.
  • Yet, they that made them were no longer like unto them, for many an anxious idolater no longer trusted in them.
  • I had made unto myself an idol, and no pagan idolater ever worshipped at his unhallowed shrine with more blind devotion.
  • Indeed, I am not certain that I do worship you; for in order to adore whole-heartedly the idolater must believe his idol to be perfect.
  • Indeed, I am not certain that I worship you, for in order to adore wholeheartedly, the idolater must believe his idol to be perfect.

Definition of Idolater

One who worships idols; (historical) a pagan.

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