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  • But there we were checked by our ignorance of the world.
  • It is wickedness to teach ignorance any other doctrine.
  • You pretend ignorance of the joyful result.
  • You kept me in ignorance of things a wife should know.
  • The profoundest ignorance of the rudiments of English.
  • If we can discover a line which divides ignorance into two halves.
  • They displayed, however, the most delightful ignorance on the subject.

How To Use Ignorance In A Sentence?

  • His ignorance and clownishness had prevented his mingling with the neighboring gentry.
  • Every business man is entitled to make use of the ignorance of those he deals with.
  • In the hospital the bricklayer professed a complete ignorance of his assailants and their motive.
  • Superstitious fears, we know to be the property or sensation of ignorance and misconception.
  • That he doubted; although the ignorance of leech and victim might readily lead to such result.
  • Again, ignorance is twofold, simple ignorance, and ignorance having the conceit of knowledge.
  • If others had chosen to depart as do those who run away, they had shown ignorance of this Kibei.
  • The cause of all this desolation was just the ignorance of its promoters as to the functions of a cathedral.
  • And what line of distinction can there possibly be greater than that which divides ignorance from knowledge?
  • They leave the school with the impression that for them ignorance rather than knowledge is the road to happiness.
  • It is to be regretted that the ignorance and malevolence indicated by these charms cannot as easily be gathered in and disposed of.
  • It was a fair guess that he hated to admit ignorance of the scholars' language.
  • He did not realize that his friends were in ignorance of the burglarious event of the hour, and his own sensational experiences.
  • And what is ignorance but the aberration of a mind which is bent on truth, and in which the process of understanding is perverted?
  • Such were the pattering replies that poured in upon him, while words of intense astonishment at his ignorance were exchanged on all sides.
  • We need not dwell upon the result; few restorations are more marked with the complacent ignorance of that strange time.
  • And the evil increases from the ignorance and hostility of every ship-load of the immigrant population swarming into houses and farms.
  • Don't, by all that's sacred, throw away such a capital investment through ignorance and informality.
  • We want knowledge and honesty to make it practicable, and no names by which to be distinguished: such names spring from ignorance and dishonesty.
  • The latter arises from ignorance, and no one is voluntarily ignorant; ignorance is only the aberration of the soul moving towards knowledge.
  • Now, on the way home, she was suffering acutely from the burden of failure, from the smarting realization of her own ignorance and awkwardness.
  • And this, if I am not mistaken, is the kind of ignorance which specially earns the title of stupidity.
  • Was I to take advantage of her ignorance of the world, of her confiding affection, and draw her down to my own poverty?
  • He meant well, and struck out a patriotic line of his own, which failed because it was made in absolute ignorance of the Irish character.
  • In my ignorance I figured that the rigours of rationing could not affect London to any very noticeable extent.
  • His work was among people who were just emerging from the ignorance and spiritual bondage in which they had been reared in the Catholic Church.
  • Except in regard to purely English affairs most Englishmen possess an almost inconceivable ignorance of history and geography.
  • All this time Constance, in ignorance of everything except the absolute truth, sat in the meagre room of the little stone hotel.
  • For almost a millennia they forced themselves into ignorance and then blamed it on the chaotic destructions that scorched the earth and that burned the human spirit.
  • This condition of eagerness to give the best, and of ignorance of how or where to find the best is the justification for the publication of this set of books.
  • It was rude, Bohemian, wanting in good form; it showed an absolute and complete ignorance of the most ordinary and elementary usages of society.
  • Then there are thoroughly educated and cultured people holding fast to little superstitions which had their birth in ignorance away back in the past somewhere.
  • For a division of ignorance into two parts will certainly imply that the art of instruction is also twofold, answering to the two divisions of ignorance.

Definition of Ignorance

The condition of being uninformed or uneducated. Lack of knowledge or information. | (religion, in the plural) Sins committed through ignorance.
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