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  • She ignores the glance.
  • Love, however, ignores the impossible!
  • The Avesta entirely ignores the west of Iran.
  • Marco Polo ignores the Levant for the riches of a Khan.
  • What a prospector looks for, is free gold, and he ignores the rock.
  • It ignores the rule of law, and makes the birth of every child a miracle.

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  • He totally ignores the existence and organisation of the conative side of the mind.
  • But he remains behind the idealist when he ignores the difference between matter and force.
  • The world regards only the permission to enjoy, and ignores the corresponding rule of restraint.
  • It is merely that one now selects this particular name for observation, and ignores the others.
  • Lady Ruth completely ignores the colonel, but that veteran is not crushed by any means.
  • It was the severest reflection on the satanic character of a religion that ignores the first principle of divine law.
  • She ignores the fact that these conventions do not bind anybody to fight in their defense but merely to observe their provisions.
  • He ignores the needs of his tenants by indulging his selfish love of loneliness, he becomes utterly unsympathetic.
  • The opinions were as good and excellent as the opinions of any man can be who sees one side of a case very strongly, and almost ignores the other.
  • He ignores the fact that there may be general laws of thought, according to which his mind must act in order to be a mind.
  • In seeking to make the story rational, it utterly ignores the primitive ideas and customs by which alone this ancient fragment can be interpreted.
  • The quivering flesh ignores the will's control, Unnerved beneath the palsy of the soul.
  • I cannot help the condition; I only know that it exists, and that she is but a poor wife who ignores the fact.
  • They illustrate the fact that Nature, even when perverted by generations of famine fever, ignores the distinctions we set up between men.
  • This proposal, however, ignores the real difficulty, which is found in the fact that three parties, and not two, are now seeking representation.
  • When therefore the chronicler ignores the evil in David and Solomon and only records the good, he treats them as types.
  • It is as sorry a matter to use the words of which one ignores the meaning as it is a blemish for a man of sense to speak of what he knows nothing about.
  • Another tradition ignores the dream, and says the site of the cathedral was determined by an arrow shot from the ramparts of Old Sarum.
  • The modernists think the church is doomed if it turns a deaf ear to the higher criticism or ignores the philosophy of M. Bergson.
  • This view of the matter may be acceptable to those who from principle or interest are opposed to democracy, but it ignores the facts which a careful analysis of the system discloses.
  • No one can discuss intelligently the question of political morality if he ignores the effect of this struggle between the old system of minority domination and the new system of majority rule.
  • The opposite of wisdom is folly; it is an unintelligent selfishness which ignores the consequences of its course, and sooner or later involves itself in loss or ruin.
  • In order to become accustomed to scientific distinctions, the reader should consider that a man can remain under the sway of a belief in ghosts only so long as he ignores the relationship of all existing things.
  • The farmer ignores the millions of insects she destroys, and shoots her for the one chicken she takes, though she has been amply proved to be one of his most valuable servants.
  • No one ignores the fact that the invention of the telephone gave rise to a notorious lawsuit, two inventors having had this ingenious apparatus patented on the same day and at nearly the same hour.
  • Judging superficially, of course, it seems that the public school ignores the fact that every one is born an individual, and proceeds to produce a type.
  • It is an unceasing wonder to a thoughtful person, at any such resort, to see the unconscious way in which fashionable society accepts the foam, and ignores the currents.
  • Is it ignorant or wilful stupidity in the English papers that ignores the part L. Nap. is playing in the foreign imbroglio?
  • These joys and successes, these high interests and friendships, are not for the self-conscious and nervous invalid, nor for her who in the exuberance of youth recklessly ignores the laws of a healthy life.
  • But, though the present Chronicle never ignores the vital correlations between statesmen and commanders, it is a book of warriors, through and through.
  • He ignored her, she felt, as one ignores the best friend, the oldest associate, on the ground that no explanations are necessary, no misunderstanding possible.
  • The reader will observe that Case 33 evades the original proposition; in her reply she ignores the set question, namely why people practice a religion.
  • For, indeed, the weakness of this worship of mere natural life (which is a common enough creed to-day) is that it ignores the paradox of courage and fails in its own aim.
  • Think, Miss Allen, think of the travesty of our great educational system which ignores the two great facts of the universe, God and sex.
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