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  • There was something tender in their illiterate speech.
  • The illiterate will tell the rest with pleasure.
  • If illiterate when they entered, they remained illiterate.
  • But with the illiterate and the rustic no such process is possible.
  • He was nearly illiterate and occasionally but not chronically alcoholic.
  • Negroes, and illiterate persons of all complexions, set up as doctors.

How To Use Illiterate In A Sentence?

  • Their homeless and illiterate condition rendered them comparatively helpless and dependent.
  • As a result, the illiterate and incoherent coolie does not know where he stands.
  • The owner of a travelling play acting booth was as a rule an illiterate showman.
  • In this way they have attracted enthusiasts, women, and the illiterate generally.
  • They were illiterate to the last degree, so there is but one theory, they were inspired.
  • This strange fellow's tone carried in it an illiterate man's undying resentment.
  • What subject, it may be asked, could possibly interest an assembly of illiterate miners?
  • In Germany only a fractional part of one per cent of our people are illiterate to that extent.
  • I thought back to the terrifying sermon of the illiterate negro preacher in the Texas jail.
  • Apparently the only whites debarred under this clause were the illiterate and indigent sons of foreign-born fathers.
  • The god to whom the invention of the hieroglyphs was ascribed, could not have been the god of an illiterate population.
  • No child under 14 and no illiterate under 16 and over 14 may be employed in any factory or mercantile establishment.
  • Can you make any illiterate man believe that it is possible to know the distance of two places by looking at them?
  • So they did now; 10 but unfortunately the ministers and wise men were more deluded than the illiterate people.
  • People in savage, or even illiterate life have no conception of its delicate and indefinable diplomacy.
  • A similar excessive expenditure of strength may be seen in the attempt of an illiterate laborer to sign his name.
  • But the extraordinary part of it is that an illiterate old soothsayer should be considered important enough to be included in an official report.
  • If there was ever an error, it was on the lips of some illiterate literate who made three syllables of the word.
  • An occasional intentional shifting of boxes thus caused many illiterate negroes to throw away their votes.
  • Paine supposed that he would be cared for in the house of this active rationalist, but the man and his family were illiterate and vulgar.
  • It is a transfer from a judicature of learning and integrity, to one, the greatness of which is both illiterate and unprincipled.
  • Oklahoma sought to keep suffrage permanently open to illiterate whites, while closing it to illiterate negroes.
  • Wherever, in fact, a primitive and illiterate peasantry is found the demon is its inevitable accompaniment.
  • If you would have a right account of things from illiterate people, let them tell their story in their own way.
  • Some were on visiting cards and some were written in the large, scrawling, illiterate hand of the head waiter.
  • The production of an illiterate man, who knew neither the use of a hyphen nor the correct word to describe the avenue!
  • These illiterate voters then represented the balance of power in eight southern states and one sixth of the national electoral vote.
  • Little Bel was too loyal at heart to her illiterate mother to wound her further by reiterating her point.
  • Then he deliberately sits down to rival the most tame, dull, and illiterate compositions that get into print.
  • It has not sweep and infinity enough to meet the requirements of even the illiterate natives of India.
  • And, truly, there were days when his appearance and behavior might have brought that thought to other minds than those of illiterate peasants.
  • The illiterate and the learned, the thoughtless and the giddy, the phlegmatic and the sanguine, all confess themselves to be its votaries.
  • And the men, anxious to improve their minds, stared at the titles with the curious reverence of the illiterate for a printed book.
  • It enables us to see, at the outset, how the preacher succeeds in dominating his illiterate audiences when he speaks in the village churches.

Definition of Illiterate

Unable to read and write. | Having less than an expected standard of familiarity with language and literature, or having little formal education. | Not conforming to prescribed standards of speech or writing.
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