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  • The image that thus remained with the elder lady kept the character of revelation.
  • But between him and her was a fair, bright image that forbade him to move hand or foot.
  • The real Artemis of Ephesus, "the image that fell from heaven," was an Oriental survival.
  • The image that is finally stamped on his greatest work is not that of a roving adulterer, but of a monotheist of love.
  • Sometimes I amused myself with my pencil in portraying the image that was ever present to my imagination.
  • At first he was shunned because his clean-cut looks and preppy clothing ran against the gangster image that often dominates the music.
  • He perceived the things around him, and while perceiving them there arose within his soul the percept, the image that was needed.
  • Accordingly he destroyed the image that he had made, and married the girl, and they lived happily together for many years.
  • The image that his heated brain had drawn up held out a tiny spirit babe, and so real was the apparition that he put out a trembling hand.
  • You have enabled me to paint a heavenly image that might, so far as the pure spirit of it goes, decorate the fairest church.
  • Her image, that incomprehensible, almost meaningless, but bewitching image, was deeply rooted in his heart.
  • As they drove towards the station, his was the image that remained persistently in her mind, bareheaded on the sidewalk in the light of the carriage lamps.
  • I do not mean that petty god of creeds and religions, the feeble image that coarse hands have made from vague glimpses caught by those who were indeed inspired.
  • I only wish I had once seen his face, that I might know how near the truth is the image that I have formed of him.
  • For so man, though now spiritual and renewed in the knowledge of God after His image that created him, ought to be a doer of the law, not a judge.
  • But when the hole was dug, and they went to get the image, in its place they found the most beautiful and symmetrical image that they had ever seen, and nailed to the same cross.
  • Those who endeavor to find the secret of life resemble a man looking in the mirror, who thinks that if he only could be quick enough he could grasp the image that he sees behind the glass.
  • The oppressed who has a suit to prosecute may come before my image, that of a righteous king, and read my inscription and understand my precious words and let my stele elucidate his case.
  • Then, by degrees he grew calmer, his mental torture diminished, the image that had appeared to his eyes and which haunted his nights became more indistinct and less frequent.
  • The one female image that was under the eaves of the house in which I slept was for guarding their families; but the three sets of twins were to prevent their mothers from becoming barren.
  • But these two visual impressions are perceived simultaneously, combined in one image; that is to say: the optic axes converge at such an angle that both the right and left monocular impressions are superimposed.
  • In the autumn of 1858 two native farmers of the parish of Bugaba, or Bugava, discovered a golden image that had been exposed by the uprooting of a plant.
  • Thus there is absolutely nothing known of Emily that destroys or disturbs the image that Haworth holds of her; nothing that detaches her for a moment from her own people, and from her own place.
  • John's wife seemed to have lost her many faults, and the image that faded from his gaze was a creature of perfection.
  • After watching him a while even Grey Dick, whose prayers were few, followed his example, kneeling in front of his bow as though it were an image that he worshipped.
  • Whether the thought unit be a word, a sentence, or a story, it must represent some idea or image that appeals to the child's interests and adjusts itself to his experience.
  • Ben was dazed to discover--so vast had been the infantile image--that his grandmother was not large at all.
  • Now the carromata was again detained to let the procession pass, while the abused cochero took off his hat reverently and recited a paternoster to the first image that came along, which seemed to be that of a great saint.
  • Every fixed emotion should realize itself in an idea or image that gives it body and systematizes it, without which it remains diffuse; and all affective states can take on this permanent form which makes a unified principle of them.
  • He put it to himself after a fashion by the image that, this distraction once created, his working round to his hostess again, his reverting to the matter of his errand, began suddenly to represent a return from so far.
  • And forthwith the children began this great business of making a snow-image that should run about; while their mother, who was sitting at the window and overheard some of their talk, could not help smiling at the gravity with which they set about it.
  • Their mutual reserve became more apparent; the experiences of the last two years were fading from their minds like a dream; and the fair image that had been the cause of their original rivalry was ever rising, as a vision, between them.
  • She was a complex and subtle Britannia, as passionate as she was practical, with a reticule for her prejudices as deep as that other pocket, the pocket full of coins stamped in her image, that the world best knew her by.
  • Such illusions as that of the bent stick in the water, the converging railway tracks, and the double image that occurs when the eye-ball is pressed, have, as the realists have well proved, a physical explanation which is entirely adequate.
  • Then I lingered long beneath Lucy's window, and, in spite of this solemn visit to the graves of the dead, the brightest and most vivid image that I carried away with me was of the living.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Image That | Image That Sentence

  • And he smiled at the image that presented.
  • What is the final image that remains in our minds of such a man?
  • But Assur was not confined to the human image that represented him.
  • Mighty word, city of endless associations, image that fills the mind!
  • When I see it, I always look upon it as an Image that has
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