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  • This imagery is spontaneous.
  • All its forms and imagery are of value only as this.
  • Its mere imagery is alluring.
  • The imagery struck her as humorous and she laughed.
  • The imagery was familiar to her race and faith.
  • His wild imagery swept like the torrent of an epic.
  • He says the best imagery of religion comes from war.
  • Also, imagery in excess; thought in deficiency.
  • But the other seemed absorbed in his own imagery of the matter.
  • Thus the imagery of language finds its base in the very essence of our being.
  • In the sense of being accompanied by imagery all thinking is imaginative.
  • Herbert's love of imagery was often curious and startling.
  • I heard my tongue use imagery that I did not know was in me.
  • I believe my mental imagery is more motile (of movement) than anything else.
  • The imagery is, in truth, a background, whose foreground is the ideal meaning.
  • His all-resembling pencil did outpass The magic imagery of looking-glass.
  • But the ancient East believes Here is the simple imagery of her faith.
  • But while the thought and imagery are Hebrew, the language is Greek.
  • Douglass' imagery is fine--vivid--often gaudily painted.

How To Use Imagery In A Sentence?

  • Thought by imagery cannot remain itself and at the same time take on a rational dress.
  • That same imagery invested the big building on the hill with attributes that were not reassuring.
  • I have discovered no one whose prevailing imagery is for either taste or smell.
  • But we are carrying this fanciful imagery too far, and had better drop it altogether.
  • It strikes us, however, that he has more imagery than verity, more colour than form.
  • It was the gospel that I had cried in the wilderness, but phrased in finer imagery than mine.
  • The imagery is frequently used by Shakspeare, but with him never indicates disease or death.
  • Of its imagery the most evident characteristic is what may be called the anthropomorphic treatment of nature.
  • In what an exalted light does the above stanza place this great master of poetical imagery and harmony!
  • The actuality of the imagery is in fact irrelevant, just as history is in the idealization of human events.
  • It is cheap to note his increasing control of his affluent imagery and the growing mastery that makes him so fine an artist.
  • The practical importance of the fact of mental imagery and of the individual differences in power of mental imagery is very great.
  • Its imagery was taken from the shadows of the storms and hills, and had fellowship with the night and day of the earth itself.
  • They suggest an imagery quite in accord with common-sense and with observation of the motions of great masses like the planets.
  • Wordsworth, who knew what simplicity means in poetry, declared that all the imagery of the poems is false and spurious.
  • There is a quaint charm in the results of the topiary art, in the prim imagery of evergreens, that all ages have felt.
  • The child who is brought up entirely on fact, loses the joys and fine feeling offered to him through the imagery of great minds.
  • Their imagery is strongly sophisticated, tortured, brought from vast distances, and then chilled into form.
  • The sentiments are natural, the imagery is apt and redolent of the soil, the music of the verse appeals to the dullest ear.
  • The Hebrew prophets invariably utilized for their poetic imagery the characteristic beliefs of the peoples to whom they made direct reference.
  • My mental imagery is very vague and hazy, unless I have previously taken special notice of what I now have an image of.

Definition of Imagery

The work of one who makes images or visible representation of objects. | Imitation work. | Images in general, or en masse.
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