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How To Use Imaginative In A Sentence?

  • With imaginative people there very speedily comes a time when that realisation is inevitable.
  • It is upon his consciousness and his thoughts united that his imaginative power has to act.
  • She herself did not feel the least fear, although she was more imaginative than the other girl.
  • A beautiful electioneering and imaginative production, though now rather stale.
  • He became the imaginative lad of the play, who stood in awe and worship of mature womanhood.
  • At least, we may be sure that a child of high imaginative faculty has good reasoning powers.
  • It would be natural, to any imaginative savage, to regard the sun and moon as brother and sister.
  • But there are countless passages which show the perfection to which she could bring her old imaginative style.
  • Poe had a faculty which one may call imaginative ratiocination to a decree beyond all other writers of fiction.
  • He states all that he sees, though he would see more if he possessed a loftier and imaginative mind.
  • I was always a visionary, imaginative being, but now my reveries and imaginings all elevated me to rapture.
  • I believe that, intensely artistic and imaginative as he was, he had formed an ideal which became more and more unattainable.
  • War has affected with horror or disgust a number of great imaginative writers in the last two or three thousand years.
  • Men who are imaginative writers to-day may well have preferred to influence the imagination of others more directly in past times.
  • We divided image-making into two sorts; the one likeness-making, the other imaginative or phantastic.
  • Lucretius, by his imaginative power, had apparently deceived him into thinking that any fragment of science might be treated poetically.
  • In silent reading, an appreciation of matter and form must be largely due to an imaginative transference to the ear of what is taken in by the eye.
  • He realised in the entire sphere of human relations that imaginative sympathy which in the sphere of Art is the sole secret of creation.
  • Emotion and imaginative piety have become the hand-maids of superstition; and patriotism, lacking courage, has covered its face.
  • Furthermore, Epicureanism provided a view of nature which was apt in the minds of an imaginative poet to lead toward romanticism.
  • What invalided ribbons, what ancestral laces, what ancient flowers, more imaginative than imitative, were boldly displayed on some perennial caps!
  • It is full of bright things, imaginative to a degree, and yet based on facts as we have all seen them on the sands of the Cape.
  • Our dear Porthos was overcome, at last, by a superhuman burden; but your imaginative strength never found a task too great for it.
  • All that is most lavish and most ingenious in the imaginative power and the executive ability of man had been laid under contribution to produce the effect which now enthralled his senses.
  • As his bank account grew perilously small, Douglass fell into deeps of black despair, wherein all imaginative power left him.
  • Shakespeare is the nonpareil among song-writers, not merely because of his music, but because of the imaginative riches that he pours out in his songs.
  • The number of images suggested to one by certain standard forms of ink-blot when compared with established results is a measure of his imaginative ability.
  • Smith rarely mixed his abounding romance with his geography; he is as sober and trustworthy in topographical description and in map-making as he is imaginative in narration.
  • These are the men with strong reproductive imaginations and no imaginative initiative, such men as Cladingbowl, for example, or Dayton.
  • There is literally no end to the modes by which persons having the charge of young children can avail themselves of their vivid imaginative powers in inculcating moral lessons or influencing their conduct.
  • His great symphonic works belong to a later period, when his whole nature had mellowed and ripened without losing its imaginative sweep and brilliancy.
  • Towns and cities that had no existence save on the blue prints of imaginative and wily promoters were plotted, and their mythical blocks sold to hasty and credulous investors.
  • Barr gives us a remarkable sample of his power of blending so deftly the bold imaginative with the matter-of-fact as to produce a story which shall be at once impossible and convincing.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Imaginative | Imaginative Sentence

  • What a debt is his to imaginative books!
  • What an imaginative race these duns must be.
  • Now here I feel the poet, the imaginative boy.
  • She was terrified at the questions that ran through her imaginative mind.
  • It has been said that woman is man's imaginative side.
  • His mind was suggestive and logical, imaginative and practical.
  • He is more lyrical than Mr. Saintsbury, more imaginative and more eloquent.

Definition of Imaginative

Having a lively or creative imagination. | Tending to be fanciful or inventive. | False or imagined.
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