Imam In A Sentence

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  • Az si imam prijatelka.
  • S tjah nikoga njama da imam nishto obshto!
  • I veche na nikogo njama da imam doverie.
  • The Imam never moved.
  • The Imam of the village then embraced him.
  • The prayers are recited by the Imam of the village.
  • Az mozhe da si imam ljubima, a ne samo prijatelka.

How To Use Imam In A Sentence?

  • The imam took the money and the clothes, and for some years his pension was paid regularly.
  • At length he discovered one day that the attendants of the imam had left him to go to fetch him some food, and that he was alone in his study.
  • When the Imam rose from his lectures, they used to join me, and we repeated to each other the lessons we had heard.
  • The imam implored and entreated, vowing that, if his life was spared, he would never more say aught to offend the sect of Ismail.
  • Not far from the centre was the tribune, where, on Fridays, the Imam called the worshippers to prayer.
  • Mozhe bi sym po-glupava ot teb, imam po-nisyk ot tvoja uspeh v uchilishte, zatova bi trjabvalo moite dumi da ne te obidjat.

Definition of Imam

A Shi'ite Muslim leader. | One who leads the salat prayers in a mosque.
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